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Cask and Wine on Main

Cask and Wine on Main is a super delicious lunch, dinner and brunch restaurant in downtown Hendersonville - right next door to the Appalachian Pinball Museum.

Do not accidentally go to the ‘Cask and Vine’ in Derry, NH. I’m assuming it’s of no relation, and you’ll probably be wondering why the fuck it took you 14 hours to get to dinner.
So anyway - it was my fathers birthday, and the rents were kind enough to invite me to tag along for the festivities.
Cask and Wine On Main is relatively new - only a few months old - and features a fresh new interior that has a kinda ‘antique made new possibly haunted’ feel to it with dark walls, checkered tile flooring, a super fancy tin ceiling, and tasteful pictures of *semi* naked ladies. Oh la la.

Each table had a solitaire rose which was extremely adorable. The rose on our table was mid-dying so my mother decided to wander around the restaurant to the other tables looking for another rose that she liked better that “wasn’t dead” while I shouted at he…

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