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Sierra Nevada

Sierra Nevada is a (very large) taproom, brewery, and restaurant in Mills River, just south of Asheville. 

I like to call it the “Disneyland for Adults.”
I went with my brother and his girlfriend that were in town from Utah.

When you first drive into Sierra Nevada, you feel like you’re driving into a vast private estate on the long windy road that leads up to the grand brewery itself. Eventually you’ll come upon the large parking lot - which is home to their “Tailgate Market”every Tuesday beginning in May, that features local goods and produce.

The entrance to the taproom is kinda to the left of the building, or - if you’re bringing the pups and want to sit outside - you can walk around the left side of the building to the back patio. Outside food service kinda varies depending on the season & weather. So, I suggest checking with one of the servers to get the full scoop on what’s available, once you arrive. 

We all decided to leave the Utah pups in the bed of the truck for a quick minu…

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