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Helen, Georgia

I decided to go to Helen, GA because I was in desperate need of a fun little weekend get away. Plus; I was on the hunt for fairies, garden gnomes, trolls and German food.
Helen is a small little alpine town nestled in the mountains of Northeast Georgia, just a short & pleasant 2.5 hour drive from Asheville. I suggest downloading the ‘Sound of Music’ soundtrack for the trip.
As soon as you enter the town of Helen you feel like you’ve stepped right into a 17th century fairy tail - the village looks like something straight out of a enchanted fable from an era bygone.

Since I arrived in Helen later in the evening (because I headed out after work on Friday) I decided to skip dinner out; and instead stoped by Betty’s Country Store to stock up on snacks, before I checked into my hotel. 
Betty's was not only charming AF - the store makes you feel as if you’re in a different century - but yet; still carries modern day necessities like avocados, Cheetos and bagels.

After I got my munchies, I…

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