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Chimney Rock

My Boyfriend and I decided to take a trip to the sleepy little town of Chimney Rock and Lake Lure for well deserved summer vacation. 
Yes he’s real - no I did not kidnap him.
The Village of Chimney Rock is about 40 minutes South East from Asheville and has some *very* amazing hiking & swimming, as well as adorable little shops and restaurants.

We took a long weekend and headed down on Friday so we could start the trip off right by hiking at Chimney Rock State Park. 
The entry point for the park is in the heart of the Village itself and is $17 for adults to get in. 
Unbeknownst to me, the views once you hike up are not only amazing (you can see for miles), but also extremely terrifying if you’re afraid of heights. While other people were having their Instagram boyfriends snap pictures of them standing on top of boulders looking out over the vast terrain - I was clutching a small rock and sobbing in the fetal position.

On that note - although there are some caves you can walk through and …

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