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The Haunted Thomas House Hotel

For Halloween this year we decided to get our fright on a little early at the (very haunted) ‘Thomas House Hotel’ in Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee. 

Red Boiling Springs is about four hours North West of Asheville. The town was a very popular spot back in the late 1800’s as a mineral spa destination during the hey dey of “mineral cures“ - modeled after the highly successful resort town of ‘Saratoga Springs’ NY. 
“Taking the Waters” (as the old fashioned people liked to call it) was rumored to have cured various ailments from Malaria to “weakness of women”. Others speculate that these “healing resorts” were in fact just a great excuse for the wealthy to enjoy a fun filled vacation in the mountains jam packed with drinking, gambling, prostitution, and lounging around in a bath all day long. 
Interesting fact; mineral waters contain the mineral “sulfur”. Sulfur attracts malevolent spirits. 
The Thomas House Hotel itself was originally built as the “Cloyd Hotel” in 1890. After a fire bur…

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