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Asheville Art Museum

ReRe invited me to go see the ‘Wyeth Exhibition’ at the Asheville Art Museum (an exhibition of multiple generations of Wyeth artists’ paintings). I headed up to the “Casa de Donner” (aka my parents' house) on a Thursday night & stayed over. The accommodations were nice, but I was a little upset that I didn’t have turn-down service and voiced my concerns to my parents the next morning at breakfast - before ReRe & I headed out to the Museum. So once we arrived in downtown AVL we found a parking lot right off Biltmore Ave. (But there’s also one off Market Street that’s pretty close.) The one off Biltmore Ave. is the one with all the tiny cars (see photo below for reference). After admiring the grand architecture of the Museum facade & the large glass ball outside, we excitedly headed in through the main entry glass doors & checked in with the lady at the desk. (ReRe had purchased tickets online in advance - so we just needed to get our stickers to ent

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