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Campfire Grille

Campfire Grill is a bar & grille right off of Greenville Highway in the Village of Flat Rock. I went with the rents for a ‘Celebration of Life’ for Meatloaf, to eat some good food and celebrate Meaty's 11+ years being silly as heck. Before our dinner, I ordered four dresses off SHEIN - for the big night, I wore the one that fit & donated the three others to the Blue Ridge Humane Society Thrift Store in honor of Meatloaf. So anyway, back to Campfire. This bar & grille is the perfect mix of camp & classy. Not too classy that you have to wear a pantsuit, but not too campy where you feel awkward because you can feel the intense accusatory stare of taxidermied animals that are hanging on the walls. Campfire actually has walls adorned with vintage photos of Flat Rock & such. In case you didn’t know - Flat Rock has been a popular spot for summer camps since the early 1900s. Campfire has indoor and outdoor patio seating. The grille has an extensive menu, with something

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