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The Press Room - Haunted Editors Magical Cocktail Experience

The Press Room is a speakeasy in downtown Greenville - I had seen a blurb for their “Haunted Editors Magical Cocktail Experience” on the GVL Today newsletter. After some guy followed me out to my car at the grocery store and called me a “house mouse,” I decided to book my reservations and do some exploring in Greenville!  “I’ll show him who the house mouse is,” I thought to myself as I clicked “checkout". Anyway, this haunted experience was a Press Room special pop-up event. On that note -  you’ll always need reservations at The Press Room, so book them in advance. Since this was an event with an editor, I put on my costume & stuffed a copy of my manuscript into my bag before heading out. I parked across the street from the Greenville News for $10. Turns out; The Press Room is actually not at the Greenville News, but rather next door at Camperdown Plaza - in the same building as Juniper Rooftop Bar. So anyway, once you’re at Juniper - you’ll check-in, and the host will ask for

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