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Devil's Kitchen at Caesars Head State Park

Devil's Kitchen is a little area that’s nestled in Caesars Head State Park—about fifty minutes northeast of Greenville. Some friends of mine suggested I go up there for writing inspiration! They said, “There’s some little place you can crawl through. It’s really cool. Other fun stuff.”  Idk—I heard “Devil's Kitchen” and was enchanted by the thought. I could just picture Satan himself standing there in a fun little apron, offering me a vegan chocolate chip cookie that was fresh out of the oven. Or, perhaps, lovingly stirring some hearty organic veggie soup over a cauldron. There are a couple routes you can take to get to Devil's Kitchen from Greenville, but I chose the more rural route that takes you through ‘Pumpkintown’ (obviously). I decided to go on any other day than Saturday because the last man that I went out with goes hiking there every Saturday, and I'm trying to avoid an awkward run-in. Long story short, we got into a text argument about the finite vs. infinit

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