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Pigeon Forge and the Titanic Museum

Admittedly, I had been wanting to go to the Titanic Museum for a while after stumbling upon one of their TikTok lives and the person giving the (virtual) tour mentioning it was haunted.  So… off to Pigeon Forge ReRe and I went! First, we checked into our hotel which was a super cute place with a pool right off Dollywood Lane, only about 15 minutes from the museum. I won’t mention the name of it because I accidentally broke like nine things and set off the smoke alarm from my 45-minute shower by not shutting the bathroom door and/or turning the fan on. So you can save $3 by purchasing your tickets to the Titanic Museum—online, in advance. Arrive a little bit before your ‘boarding time’ and you’ll receive a text when you’re ready to board.  When you board the ‘ship’ you’ll receive your ticket and the actors will tell you about some of the history! I was Selma in 3rd class. Ok so you can’t take photos until you get to the second floor. The first floor mainly is information about 2nd and 3

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