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Doll's Head Trail

Doll’s Head Trail is a little hiking area in Atlanta with a crap ton of creepy little doll heads intricately placed around to create a sinister labyrinth of sorts. My friends and family told me I was spending “too much time in the house writing.”  These are all lies, obviously. (I’m writing this blog as I wait for my flight to Istanbul in a very highly trafficked area of a popular and busy airport.) Anyway—what better way to get out of the house than go to Atlanta, Georgia, and wander through a forest where there’s a high probability I’ll never make it out? Note; I was not worried about being murdered but rather having my soul snatched by one of these: Ok so first I decided to grab some food because Atlanta has a *ton* of vegan options! I found a cute little place housed in Biswas Grocery —called Veterans Vegan , and since I looked like a swamp creature from the lake I figured I could run in, order, and eat in my car. Also, the reviews I read on google mentioned that their vegan food w

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