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Coffee Underground

Coffee Underground is fun little coffee shop cafe in Greenville, SC.  Believe it or not, it’s right off Coffee St. in the heart of Downtown.  It’s also underground.   So Downtown Greenville is super cute, with an old timey feel made modern.   Cue fairy style lights illuminating Main Street.   Coffee Underground has both indoor & outdoor seating.   The outdoor patio is absolutely enchanting. The night I went it was about to storm & pretty chilly - so I chose to sit inside that evening. However; the patio is definitely a go to spot in the Spring.   The interior of the cafe has a cozy and mysterious sort of vibe to it - see the host stand right as you walk in and they’ll seat you.   So I’m not really sure what year the building that houses the cafe was built, but it *seems* really old with its exposed brick walls and wood support posts. It’s (presumably) haunted.    That being said; I’m also convinced that my kitchen, bathroom, car, office, and general neighborh

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