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Swimming at Devils Fork State Park

I've been wanting to take a trip to Devil's Fork State park since moving to Greenville & finally purchased an 'All Park Passport' (which gives you unlimited access to all state parks for $99 annually). Since it was nearing fall, I figured I should get a trip in before it got too cold to swim.  Plus, I watched AHS Stories “Lake” episode and was like, “huh.”  Ok, so you can either watch episode 8 of AHS Stories or Google “haunted Devils Fork”; or  check out this article by for more of the history. But they’re pretty much the same thing; some unscrupulous businessmen bought up a bunch of land being shady and then flooded people out that wouldn’t sell, so they could build a dam for electricity. (Spoiler alert; it wasn’t Nikola Tesla).  But anyway - I read that swimming at Devils Fork was like “Swimming on top of a cemetery,” so thought to myself, “ Hm. Interesting - why not? ”. First, I packed my beach bag (towel, sunscreen, lip gloss, water, book, and beach

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