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Spooky Saturday in Marshall

Marshall, North Carolina had been on my radar for a while - after discovering on IG that a bar & restaurant opened in an old jail in the historic village.   I really liked the concept of being able to visit a jail without having to be bailed out by family or friends & then never paying them back.   Marshall is about 25 minutes north of Asheville, has a population of around 800 & a super chill feel to it. (Think aliens meet mystics meet humans in small-town WNC.)   When you first drive in, you wouldn’t think it has this energy - but once you start exploring you’ll find hidden gems galore nestled behind the storefronts. The day mother & I decided to visit was abnormally chilly & overcast - so our first stop of the Marshall Day-trip was to the ‘Marshall Health Collective & CBD Cafe’ to get some warming hot tea to keep in tow while we perused the town. The restaurant & shop is right on the river, has a laid-back ambiance, & houses local

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