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Up on the Roof

Up on the Roof is a modern American restaurant in downtown Greenville, SC. My parents were taking a pilgrimage to Maine, so we planned a day out in Greenville before their journey to the land of blueberries. First, they picked me up at my humble- haunted-abode, and we headed to the Upcountry History Museum before our mid-afternoon lunch. The History Museum is right near downtown Greenville. Parking is free and behind the building (Not to be confused with the paid parking at the library and theater). So the museum has lots of interactive exhibitions. Ngl, it was *so* interactive I started to wonder who was human and who was a permanent fixture, which was ironic—because usually *I’m* the one mistaken for a mannequin. For Halloween at my last job, I dressed as Winne the Pooh and was running one of the carnival games. No one was at my table playing, so I was kind of gazing off into the distance, thinking about sleeping, and then shifted a little in my chair. Someone that was visiting their

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