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Flat Rock Daytrip

The rents were in town for a few days, so we decided to enjoy a fun day in Flat Rock, North Carolina. Flat Rock is a sleepy little village just a few minutes south of Hendersonville. To start the day, moms & I enjoyed a delish lunch out on the porch at Campfire Grill, where we feasted on Black Bean Burgers paired with Rosemary Fries.  It was wonderful to catch up and the perfect opportunity for me to grab her phone when she wasn’t looking & send my brother a text that said, “why can’t you be more like your sister?”. Walk down the road to the Mansouri Mansion, a historic hotel built in 1850 - that houses the infamous “B. T. Morris,” a civil war soldier turned ghost. The Mansion is now closed to the public; I’ve heard - so maybe just drive by? My mother thinks there’s an evil curse on the Mansion that possesses visitors, so we skipped it & headed down to the Dogwood Gift Shop, which is *not* cursed & has the cutest stuff ever.  It’s a great place to buy non-cursed gifts -

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