Up on the Roof

Up on the Roof is a modern American restaurant in downtown Greenville, SC.

My parents were taking a pilgrimage to Maine, so we planned a day out in Greenville before their journey to the land of blueberries.

First, they picked me up at my humble- haunted-abode, and we headed to the Upcountry History Museum before our mid-afternoon lunch.

The History Museum is right near downtown Greenville. Parking is free and behind the building (Not to be confused with the paid parking at the library and theater).

So the museum has lots of interactive exhibitions. Ngl, it was *so* interactive I started to wonder who was human and who was a permanent fixture, which was ironic—because usually *I’m* the one mistaken for a mannequin.

For Halloween at my last job, I dressed as Winne the Pooh and was running one of the carnival games. No one was at my table playing, so I was kind of gazing off into the distance, thinking about sleeping, and then shifted a little in my chair. Someone that was visiting their dad gasped and held his hand to his chest in terror. “I’m so sorry—I thought you were a mannequin,” he shouted from the other room. I looked around for someone else that perhaps looked like a mannequin and then methodically pointed at myself and shout whispered, “Me?” “I’m so… I’m so sorry, you just look so… Nordic? Maybe,” he said as he hurriedly wheeled his dad away.

Anyway. After much museum exploration, ReRe and I sat on a bench to take in another exhibit when she whispered, “I didn’t want to say anything, but some of these display people remind me of, agh—“

“Apparitions? You can say it,” I replied. 

“Yeah, ghosts…” she whispered back. 

I’m assuming the printer they used accidentally had their settings to “ghost printing mode.”

My absolute two favorite exhibits at the museum were The Mansion exhibit and the one with the storefront, where I wistfully gazed into the faux storefront and thought about what my hair would have looked like if I had brushed it.

My third fave part of the museum was learning Kenny Rogers can only dine with fine China and requested exuberant amounts of odd things for his dressing room, like “100 canned pigs feet”.

*Note to self; never work for Kenny Rogers. **Second note to self; Kenny Rogers is actually dead.

I also really enjoyed the exhibit of the man whipping the pigs solely because it gave me the opportunity to whisper “shame on you” into his plaster ear.

Let’s talk… Gift Shop! The History Museum had an *adorbs* gift shop.

They’ve got local bath fizzes, little pig charms for good luck, a plethora of books, and stuffed animals!

Next, we were off to Up on the Roof!

So the restaurant itself is housed in the Embassy Suites hotel. The hotel is rumored to be spooky haunted (think lights on in rooms, disembodied voices, etc check on the details on Haunted Rooms).

Ok, so we parked in the nearby parking garage and then walked over. Pretty much, just follow all the signs that say “Up on the Roof.”

We sat inside because, well, I live in South Carolina, and #airconditioning.

But! I would definitely suggest the rooftop on a cool winter's night.

To drink, I started with a handcrafted Purple Rain cocktail. I really enjoy the bottled cocktails at Up on the Roof because they’re so cute and tiny (yet potent).

To start, ReRe and I shared a Fried Brussel Sprouts Appetizer, which was SO delicious. The Brussels were fried to a crispy perfection and super flavorful—you could definitely taste the hints of chili sauce.

For my main course, I had the Seasonal Risotto, which was also delectable. I didn’t really take note of what exactly was in it, mainly because I was two handcrafted bottled cocktails in.

Oh, and our server, Jessica, was amazingly helpful with everything, including making sure everything was vegan and helping us pick out the most delicious cocktails and wine.

After our late lunch, we took a detour to the Riverwalk and took pictures of the ducks.

Although we didn’t experience any paranormal activity at Up on the Roof, but that doesn’t mean you won’t! Also, you should just go there anyway because the drinks and food are really good and the atmosphere is fun and cheeky.

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