Doll's Head Trail

Doll’s Head Trail is a little hiking area in Atlanta with a crap ton of creepy little doll heads intricately placed around to create a sinister labyrinth of sorts.

My friends and family told me I was spending “too much time in the house writing.” 

These are all lies, obviously. (I’m writing this blog as I wait for my flight to Istanbul in a very highly trafficked area of a popular and busy airport.)

Anyway—what better way to get out of the house than go to Atlanta, Georgia, and wander through a forest where there’s a high probability I’ll never make it out? Note; I was not worried about being murdered but rather having my soul snatched by one of these:

Ok so first I decided to grab some food because Atlanta has a *ton* of vegan options!

I found a cute little place housed in Biswas Grocery—called Veterans Vegan, and since I looked like a swamp creature from the lake I figured I could run in, order, and eat in my car.

Also, the reviews I read on google mentioned that their vegan food was hearty and healthy, which was just what I needed after a long swim.

The people at Veterans Vegan were extremely friendly and the food was ready super quick. Bonus; they asked how I wanted my spice level “The least spiciest available, please!” I requested, embarrassingly. 

The food came out very hot—so I figured I’d save it for after my foreboding walk about in the woods. 

Alright so put this address in your GPS (which was provided by the Friends of Constitution Lakes Facebook Page):

1305 South River Industrial BLVD, SE, Atlanta (Georgia) 30315.

Sidenote Fun fact; Friends of Constitution Lakes has a FB group that posts updates and advocates to keep this wildlife refuge open to the public and a space for the animals. So yay to them!

Ok so when you get there you’ll see some industrial buildings and then the sign for the park—turn right and that road will take you to the parking lot.

Pro: it’s free!

Con: the porta potty is locked so maybe just stop at QT or something before you go to the park.

Alright so once you’ve parked just follow the little signs to the Doll’s Head Trail.

As you can see, once you get off the paved area of the trail there are some roots and what not, so I’d suggest wearing some hiking boots maybe. Definitely not sandals.

So the first mystical thing you’ll come across is this vortex type thing—probably don’t step in the circle, maybe just gaze in awe from outside so you don’t accidentally time travel to the past. Or do. Idk. Outlander it up, if you want.

Soon—you’ll see, off in the distance—the first sighting of a disembodied doll head!

This brings you to a strange place where you can go *three* different directions.

A riddle is required to find the way—ok ok I got this, I thought as I spun in circles. 

And then, I noticed another directional (oopsies)!

So pretty much just keep following the signs until you get to the—dolls dolls dolls!

 Well, just the heads.

Friends of doll head trail plead for you to not bring more dolls. “Damn it,” I muttered and shoved a cursed Kewpie doll back into my backpack, after I read the notice. 

So I’ll leave all the Doll’s Head trail exhibits a little bit of a mystery, so you can explore yourself..!

But—I can definitely say my favorite exhibit was the “Rebel Against the Empire,” 1) because it seemed very cryptic yet scientific… radio engines and photon wings... 2) because I hate the empire and am very excited to watch it crumbling #2023vibes

Speaking of the empire crumbling! There was also an overturned bucket with a quote from the Dalai Lama. I thoughtMaybe someone should remove that from the exhibit? in light of recent events. Awkward.

*If*, perhaps, the friends of constitution lakes decide to take down that exhibit, may I suggest a new one: Brittany Dancing with Knives Out Doll Head?

Overall the trail is more of a walk than a hike, so maybe consider getting your exercise in before (if that’s your thing). Also, there are lots of bird noises and duck noises, fireflies and a small body of water.

Pro tip; if you have long hair I suggest putting it up or braiding it. There are some bugs on this trail. I always find it awkward to have to stop a random person and ask them to help you untangle a bee from my hair without injuring it—braids and buns prevent this awkward scenario. 

But yes—Doll’s Head trail is a *free* outdoor art experience with eerie vibes. 

I think the crepiest event of the entire day was my run in with a man on the paved area; when I was headed back to my car. 

“Excuse me,” he asked.

“Yeah?!” I answered, enthusiastically.

“Is there a small fishing pond back there?” he asked.

“Why? Are you going fishing?” I replied, my tone lowering and became extremely accusatory. 

“Ah. Ummmm I was just gonna go look at it,” he answered.

“Good! Good for you! Vegan here!” I identified myself and waved my hands around very jazzily in the air.

“Ughhhh. Alright then,” he said as he had already begun to walk away (to a safer location, presumably). 

Oh—speaking of food … I did enjoy my Aloo Gobi from Veterans Vegan, in my car

The cauliflower and potato meal sautéed with onions, tumeric, cumin and garlic was *super* hearty and delicious. The cauliflower actually kind of had a falafel consistency. Anyway, it definitely warmed my soul.

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