West First Wood-Fired

Ok - this this is a review on the *take out*  pizza from West First; not the actual restaurant itself. 

Part of my Spring 2019 self care routine incorporates a weekly (solo) pizza night where I get a pizza to take home after work and enjoy while watching a movie with my dog, Meatloaf.  

That being said - I’ve been to West First several times to dine in with friends; and it’s always super fabulous. They’ve got a broad menu - so there’s something for everyone! When dining out at WF - I usually prefer to order a salad, pizza, or seafood meal (since they always seem to have a locally caught fish on the menu). Also, I love West First because they use local ingredients and everything is always super fresh. 

West First is a pretty popular spot, so if you do wind up having to wait for a table to dine in; it’s a great excuse to hang out at the bar and enjoy a drink or two. Or four. 

One of my favorite summer activities is asking a friend to give me a ride to dinner at WF; requesting a table out on their enclosed patio to ensure ample bar time before being seated - enjoying several glasses of wine before the table is ready and eventually stumbling out to the patio to devour an unnatural amount of food and (more) wine. 

Since I’ve already arranged a ride with a trusted friend I can sleep on the ride home. 

Ok - I’m not going to lie... I usually sleep in the cab or uber on the ride home, too. 

Anyway - for “Solo Self Care Pizza Night”, I decided to swing by the coop in Hendersonville after work to pick up some snacks, soda - and what not, to have with my pizza. 

I had already been looking over the West First online pizza menu for the majority of the work day; and had decided on the Mushroom Pizza with Vegan (rice) Cheese, by the time I called - so ordered that. 

I actually called WF from the parking lot of the coop - the nice guy that took my order said it’d be about 15mins until it was ready; which was *perfect* because it gave me enough time to drive across town and find a parking spot! 

I parked over on Main St. in front of Never Blu. If there’s not parking right on 1st there’s usually an open spot over on Main Street or Church Street. Do not double park anyone even if you can’t (immediately) find a spot; it’s wrong and you will definitely go to hell for all of eternity for committing such a ghastly crime - even if it’s just once on Friday night at 6:14 pm when you think no ones looking but the sheriff followed you from work because they suspected you were up to no good again. 

My pizza was ready right when I arrived so I paid *and* left a tip. 

Don’t be a dick - always tip even if you’re getting your pizza to go. The last thing a host in the restaurant industry wants to do is take your stupid pizza order while in the middle of seating a party of 25 howling banshees. Or retired women on vacation from Naples. Whatever - same thing. 

So definitely show them some appreciation (in the form of cold hard cash), for keeping your piping hot pizza fresh, safe, and ready for easy pick up. 

On that note - I *definitely* suggest buckling your pizza up, so it’s nice and secure on the ride home. 

This tactic keeps the pizza stable and prevents any unnecessary shifting of the cheese and veggies. 

As soon as I get home for pizza night - I (obviously) take Meatloaf out and feed him his dinner. 

After he’s all set; I change into my cozy jammies and socks - comfort is key for self care night. 

Next; I prepare my nest - aka couch, with ample blankets and pillows and a fully charged phone with all notifications silenced except for Tinder; so I can simultaneously chat with 12-24 men. All of who will eventually realize I’m mentally unstable and un-match me in fear for their life.

Traditionally; I like to watch the 2005 cult classic ‘The Skelton Key’ a few times a year, and would recommend this movie to anyone! 

I really resonate with the older woman who steals people’s souls and chain-smokes out in her garden. 

I enjoy watching The Skelton Key on full blast with the curtains open so my neighbors are all extremely petrified of me and my home & know it’s never a good idea to stop by and ask for a cup of sugar unannounced; ensuring no one bothers me mid movie. 

SO; the Pizza itself was to die for - it had a super crunchy crust (their dough comes from the Flat Rock Bakery), the rice cheese tasted like real cheese and had a nice consistency and melt, plus there was an abundance of fancy mushrooms! 

Nom nom nom. 

Ok and so when I called to order my pizza the guy at WF that took my order suggested I get a large so that I’d have some leftovers. He was definitely right - I devoured the second half of the pizza as soon as I woke up from my ‘mid movie nap’. 

Oh; and don’t forget to pick up some dessert. You’re probably thinking you’re not going to want dessert after consuming an entire pizza alone in the dark - well you’re wrong. You definitely *will* want dessert. I suggest organic cashew butter cups from the coop. 

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