Day Trip to Brevard

Brevard is a small city just southwest of Asheville, a short 40ish minute drive! 

I decided to take a day trip and learn more about the infamous white squirrel that’s indigenous to Western North Carolina.  I really became interested in the species because of that one little shit head white squirrel that routinely jumps in front of my car (coincidentally) *only* on days I’m late to work. 

I think he’s watching me. 

Anyway; my first stop in Brevard was to the (recently opened) Treasure Shop to re-home my Garden Gnome and do some thrift shopping before heading into downtown. 

On that note - the Treasure shop is taking donations, and all the proceeds from sales and what not supports Brother Wolf Animal Rescue. 

They’ve got some pretty spectacular goods to choose from. I ended up purchasing a (very reasonably priced) picnic basket, fancy citronella candle, and miniature “midnight in the garden of good and evil” statue. 

Next; I headed into the heart of Downtown Brevard for lunch at the extremely *adorable* Mayberry’s off of Main Street. 

Mayberry’s has indoor and outdoor dining, as well as a darling little counter that you can sit at and nosh or enjoy a beer. 

They offer southern comfort food, soups, and salads - and the ambiance makes you feel as if you’ve stepped back in time without all the unpleasant psychological side effects of actual time travel. 

For my meal, I had their “Cranberry Spinach Salad” with honey mustard - which was super fresh, extra large, and packed to the brim with cranberries and walnuts. It came with two hearty slices of thick toasted & buttered bread. I also got a side of their cornbread - which was super delicious and very cheesy. 

After lunch I strolled over to the White Squirrel Shoppe a few doors up - to find some cute White squirrel things - consequently running into a hoard of rabid white squirrels. 

Just kidding - but there was in fact a plethora of adorable white squirrel goods. 

There’s white squirrel jam, 

White squirrel socks, 

White squirrel wine openers, 

And; even white squirrels holding hand guns - which is simultaneously charming yet disturbing at the same time. 

Don’t forget to get a picture with the over-sized white squirrel out front of the shop. 

As intimidating as his large beady black eyes are - he’s actually quite harmless. 

To finish my afternoon off - I walked over to Braken Mountain Bakery to pick up some organic dog biscuits for Meatloaf, and enjoy a pastry and chai on their sidewalk seating - so I could take in the fresh mountain air and avoid making any eye contact with people. 

My Almond Croissant was super tasty, baked to perfection, and had a nomz chewy consistency with an almond filled interior and superb slight exterior crunch. The Chai was definitely a perfect pairing for the croissant and just the right temperature!

For my last stop of the day I swung by Blue Ridge Bakery to pick up a cage of baby white squirrels to take home and keep as a momento from my trip. Turns out, they actually don't sell cages of baby white squirrels - but do have some pretty cute white squirrel themed cookies for sale!  

Update 6.1.24: Treasure Thrift Shop and Mayberry's are now closed. The Bakery and White Squirrel Shop are open!

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