Oskar Blues Brewery

Oskar Blues Brewery in Brevard is a brewery and taproom, with super yummy beer and a food truck that serves up some pretty tasty bites. 

I decided to head up Sunday afternoon for a much needed brew. 

Oskar Blues itself isn’t exactly in downtown Brevard, but just a little ways out of town - on Mountain Industrial Drive.

They’re open seven days a week, and have live music five out of those seven days! 

When I first arrived to the brewery - I headed straight over to the “Oskar Blues Chub Wagon” to order some food. 

The Chub Wagon has burgers, veggie burgers, hot dogs, and even grilled cheese. 

Even though I had been cyber stalking their online menu for about a week - I still had a very difficult time on deciding what to eat when it actually came time to order. After mulling over whether or not to order the “Truck Grilled Cheese” or “CHUBeano” I finally decided on the CHUBeano with a side of fries when I got the feeling that I was even making the guy taking my order uncomfortable with my unnaturally high level of indecisiveness. 

After I put my order in for my food; I headed over to the outdoor bar to order a beer. There were SO many options to choose from, including fruity selections, Porters, IPA’s, ciders, and much more - with fun names like “Gone A Rye” and “Chubby Chaser”. There’s also soft drinks. I quickly decided on the Scotch Ale in lieu of the Chub Wagon ordering debacle. 

Once I had beer in hand, I made a detour over the the “beer trellis” that leads up to the gift shop and taproom for a photo op, and to give the Chub Wagon ample time to cook my yum yum bean burger without me making the staff (even more) uncomfortable by lingering outside and whistling the “Tomorrow” reprise from the 2014 remake of "Annie" while doing calf stretch lunges. 

Anyway, once I finished my impromptu photo shoot, I swung back by the Chub Wagon to pick up my grub. Food and beer in hand, I sat at one of the community size picnic tables to enjoy the fresh air, listen to the relaxing music and pine over all the extremely adorable dogs that their owners had brought along. 

Oskar Blues is very dog friendly, and there were a ton of pups there. 

Next time I’ll definitely bring Meatloaf - so he can socialize. 

So turns out - my hastily ordered beer was omg super delish - it was very dark, actually kinda tasted like Scotch - and came in a very cute ‘Oskar Blues’ pint glass. 

My bean burger and fries were the perfect compliment to my Sunday afternoon Scotch Ale. The Bean burger patty itself was made up of black beans, brown beans, and some diced up veggies - and came on a toasted bun topped with lettuce, tomatoes and onions. 

Oh, and the fries were hot and fresh and super crunchy. 

Oskar Blues Pint glasses can be purchased in the gift shop; if you’re looking for a souvenir to take home. 

Turns out, I actually didn’t make it up to the indoor Taproom because I have Shiny Object Syndrome and was too distracted by the shiny beer can trellis. But, I suggest you do check it out if you don’t have the attention span of a saltwater marine mammal and can make it up the stairs without stopping to get 20 pictures of yourself for Instagram. 

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