Haunted Dinner at Harvey’s

Harvey’s Restaurant & Bar is a gourmet, small plate style eatery. It’s located at The Henderson (Inn). Right on the corner of Church & 3rd in Downtown Hendersonville. 

A friend of mine & I decided to go for dinner to celebrate her birthday. Oh, and well - we also wanted to go to Harvey’s because it’s Spooky Season and The Henderson is rumored to be haunted. 

The Inn was constructed between the years around 1919-1921 (que Hauntings), and has been running as a hotel concurrently for the past 100 (ish) years. 

Parking for Harvey’s is ample, there are lots of spots off the side streets, plus a pay lot on the corner of Church & 4th. And now that half of the world is staying home because of COVID, it’s even easier to find a parking spot! #silverlining

I arrived early around 5:15, and the hostess sat me at our table on the patio. Keep in mind that all dining at Harvey’s is on their (spacious & covered) porch. 

Although they have space heaters - it’s October, so you may want to bring a light jacket, ruana or kimono (really whatever keeps you warm in the chilly Western North Carolina mountain evenings). 

*If you do wear a Ruana; just remember that they’re usually worn open in the front, whereas a Kimono (which is also worn open in the front) - is traditionally kept closed with a belt or tie. 

Shortly after I was seated - my cohort in fine dining arrived & and we each ordered a ‘Pomegranate, Seltzer Water & Honey Infused’ mocktail to get the birthday celebrations started. 

They’re not on the menu - but you can order one specially made. They were super yum. The honey balanced the pomegranate perfectly to hide any hints of bitterness. Bonus; the specialty mocktails came in martini glasses - garnished with a slice of lime, for a beautiful presentation. 

Harvey's also has a large selection of cocktails, wine and beer.

Next we ordered our entrees! 

I had the Wild Mushroom & Truffle Empanadas, while Natalie had the French Onion Soup.

So omg - the Empanadas were to die for. Not only were they vegetarian (score), they were bursting with flavor. The empanadas themselves had the perfect, yet ample ample amount of crunch - that was balanced out by the creamy truffle filling delightfully. The wild mushroom & truffle deliciousness made each bite delectable, and had the perfect level of truffle - ness. Bonus; the small plate was actually quite large and came with three bountiful empanadas. 

Natalie really enjoyed her French Onion Soup, as well - that looked delish with a perfectly baked puff pastry shell. 

After our delicious dinner, I snuck into the kitchen and cornered the chef -  demanding ghost stories. 


I *did* however, ask our server to stop back by when he had a free moment, as he was dropping the check off. 

He was happy to confirm that “Yes” The Henderson is in fact, Haunted...

Apparently there is ghostly activity on the third floor as well as on the basement level (where the kitchen is located). They will often hear pots & pans clinking around... Our server reported that just the other day the handle to the cooler (which was shut tight) was rattling as if someone was haphazardly attempting to open it. 


So what are you waiting for? Head out to The Henderson for a delightful dinner, and do some ghost hunting while you’re at it! 

Keep in mind that per NC state law, masks are required to be worn while you’re being seated. Forgot your mask in your car? Possibly burned it in a fit of covid rage? No worries - they’ll provide you one for $1. 

Also, keep in mind that Harvey’s is open for dinner Thursday - Saturday nights & as well as Sunday am for brunch.

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