Flat Rock Daytrip

The rents were in town for a few days, so we decided to enjoy a fun day in Flat Rock, North Carolina.

Flat Rock is a sleepy little village just a few minutes south of Hendersonville.

To start the day, moms & I enjoyed a delish lunch out on the porch at Campfire Grill, where we feasted on Black Bean Burgers paired with Rosemary Fries. 

It was wonderful to catch up and the perfect opportunity for me to grab her phone when she wasn’t looking & send my brother a text that said, “why can’t you be more like your sister?”.

Walk down the road to the Mansouri Mansion, a historic hotel built in 1850 - that houses the infamous “B. T. Morris,” a civil war soldier turned ghost. The Mansion is now closed to the public; I’ve heard - so maybe just drive by?

My mother thinks there’s an evil curse on the Mansion that possesses visitors, so we skipped it & headed down to the Dogwood Gift Shop, which is *not* cursed & has the cutest stuff ever. 

It’s a great place to buy non-cursed gifts - they have the *legit* the most adorbs journals, salt and pepper shakers, etc. 

After some shopping, we stopped by the Flat Rock Village Bakery. The bakery is a delightful little spot, with outdoor dining on the patio. 

I had a Vegan Choco Cookie that was chewy & super chocolaty rich, paired with a Caramel Oat Milk Latte. I also picked up a loaf of freshly baked 9 Grain Bread to take home. 

Nothing says “hot girl summer” like eating an entire loaf of bread alone in the dark - in bed.

We were about to walk over to Firefly Craft Gallery to do some more shopping but realized they closed at 4 pm, and it was nearing 3:56. Alas, Firefly Craft Gallery - I will come soon. (I’ve been IG stalking them for a while and have been dying to see all of their unique local artisan crafts). 

Since Firefly was about to close for the day - we took the scenic route through the village past Hubba Hubba BBQ to visit with the long-haired chickens that live there and just kinda roam around. 

Note; be kind to the chickens & don’t let your children &/or pets chase the chickens around. Yes, this is a lecture - one giant lecture. Read on for more lecturing…

Next, we were off to Highland Lake Inn & Resort to meander around the property. The parents were posted there for a few days - which was great since I’ve been wanting to explore the grounds for a while. 

They had rented the cutest little cottage that was pet friendly - so they could bring the senior rescue dogs that I gifted them. 

First, we headed down to the pier on the lake, stumbling across a life-size Virgin de Guadalupe statue.

My family was quite impressed that I knew who it was and thought my many years of university studies must have really paid off - but were let down when I told them I was familiar with the saint only because I frequent the religious candle section of Dollar General.

The lake is gorgeous! And a great place to take lake pictures & sip on a handcrafted soda from Waynesville Soda Jerks that’s made from Appalachian ingredients (sold at the restaurant at Highland Lake Resort or online if you’re not local).

There’s also a cute little hobbit house on the Highland Lake property, which is actually a “well house” to people that (apparently) slept through The Hobbit trilogy. 

Next, we were off to Seasons at Highland Lake for some yum wine and dinner. The staff was ah - mazingly friendly & they have quite the extensive wine list! 

There are lots of meal options; I enjoyed a Salad & Bread Plate with olive oil and balsamic. The salad was super fresh & the bread was crunchy yet chewy and (hands down) tasty as heck. 

Looking for more haunted places in Flat Rock? Check out St. John in the Wilderness Cemetery - it’s frightfully spooky and (another) great place to take pics! 

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