A Day in Downtown Greenville

It was my (dining) partner in crime’s birthday - so we decided to meet up at my new abode & celebrate - by enjoying some dining, shopping and exploring in the southern gem of a city that is Greenville, South Carolina.

So, on a gorgeous fall day - we started the festivities by driving over to “Farm Fresh Fast” to catch up over some Seasonal Stir Fry (que the worlds freshest squash) and a Beyond Bacon (aka Facon) Cheeseburger. This farm to table eatery is not too far out of downtown & has a ridiculously adorable ambiance.

The food was hands down delicious, super fresh & prepared rather quickly. The Beyond Burger was *so* juicy and meaty. I mean not real meaty. Well real meaty but not meat meaty. 

There’s no meat in it, but it tastes meaty.

After lunch we drove back to my building, parked - put our leftovers in the fridge and then walked into DT Greenville for some shopping.

Our first stop was Mast General Store. I picked up a pretty sweet winter hat for only $10 and Natalie picked up some early holiday gifts. Bonus; Mast is *the* place to go to see a ton of adorable dogs shopping with their owners.

Next, we headed over to the Savannah Bee Company - which has all things honey and a cute little coffee bar. I got a Cinnamon Oat Milk Steamer to go. The barista also gave me some old fashioned holiday candy with my coffee, which definitely put me into the holiday spirit. (PS; be prepared to see more dogs in this store!)

As we were walking from Savannah Bee to our next stop, I clumsily spilt my coffee all over my arm and hand. Luckily, Natalie had a wet wipe so I didn’t have to resort to licking the coffee off my hand and arm like an oversized Maine Coon Cat. I’m certainly not opposed to licking cinnamon coffee off my arm in Downtown Greenville on a busy Saturday afternoon - but also; I’m single and don’t want my future husband to drive by in his cruiser and think “well she was cute but wtf?”.

Our next stop was kind of happenstance… we just decided to paruse and ended up in front of Nourish Natural Bath Products - where they have all things natural soaps, bath bombs and more.

As we were shopping, one of the nice ladies there asked us if we would like a sample “salt scrub” and I was like “on our hands?”. It is on your hands - you don’t have to fully disrobe for the sample salt scrub. Also, apparently I’m not the first person to ask that. 

Natalie and I both left after purchasing Salt Scrubs and Bath Bombs. Note; they smell divine & make your skin feel super smooth after a hot bath.

Our last stop of the day was to the Historic Springwood Cemetery, which is a great place for a stroll. It was established in 1812 and houses tombstones from the past two centuries.

I *would* say it was haunted, but (believe it or not) ghosts usually haunt the places they passed, or people/places that meant the most to them. So (I suppose) it could be haunted by someone that really enjoys cemeteries.

That being said - Springwood cemetery is open to the public & the perfect place to wind down & immerse yourself in history. 

Don’t miss the section with the cat statute.

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