Saturday Afternoon in Saluda

Saluda, NC is an adorable & charming little town nestled in between Asheville, NC & Greenville, SC. 

ReRe (my mother) & I had been planning a Saturday to Saluda Day Trip for a while, so I picked her up at her casa in Flat Rock and we headed down. 

Our first stop was to 'Saluda Outfitters', an adorable little restaurant, taproom & gear shop housed in a log cabin, nestled upon a hill - a stone's throw from DT Saluda. 

I enjoyed an Impossible Burger & a non-alcoholic beer from San Diego, while ReRe had a Pad Thai & a Blueberry Wheat Brew from Pisgah Brewing. 

My Impossible Burger came with three pickles.

I ate one or the pickles & then it looked my bun had a little face made of vegetables.

We picked up a shirt to give my dad for his bday that showcased a fish drinking beer. 

Next, we headed to the police station, downtown. To take some touristy pictures. 

Everyone in Saluda was super nice. A nice gentleman that was riding his bike stopped to ask if ReRe & I wanted him to take our picture - then mentioned he was visiting and his name was “John” and that he was “from Michigan” after John took a bunch of photos of the moms & I - we turned away from the sun to review the (lovely) photos. Assuming John had rode away, I said to ReRe “John works for the government.” “What?” ReRe asked. “John works for the government!” I shouted. “Oh.” ReRe replied and we turned back around to see that John was still sitting there on his bike. 

John; if you’re reading this I have no problem that you work for the government - it was simply an observation. Also, you take wonderful portrait photos. 

*this is not my mother & I, this is a hand-carved bear

After the impromptu photoshoot - we headed over to the ‘Saluda Station’ (which I believe is a repurposed railway station but I’m not really sure - Saluda has a rich history in the railroad industry).

The station houses the Visitors Center, a Gallery, Sweet Shop & much more.

Fun fact; the lady at the sweet shop told us the population of Saluda is about 750 people! 

Next, we were off to the ‘Wakey Monkey’ Coffee Cafe where I got an afternoon Golden Latte - which had tumeric & oat milk.

Latte in hand - we perused Main Street, stopping at 'Thompson’s Grocery' & 'M A Pace General Store'.

Both are super cute places; with neatly stocked isles of homemade jams, veggies, and even salad dressing that transport you to what feels like another place in time. 

ReRe bought some Dry Scone Mix at Thompson’s & I got some Peach Salad Dressing at M A Pace. 

Note; I *do not* suggest wearing a short dress in WNC when there’s a high wind advisory. 

I wore a very short dress on that very windy Saturday which resulted in ReRe walking behind me & telling me that I needed to pull my dress down - *all afternoon*. The last time was in front of a group of local firefighters which was super embarrassing - so I shouted “I already know my dress is up I don’t need to hear it!” as I awkwardly fumbled with my dress that had become one with my boy shorts. 

Once we got back to the car we sat in silence for a minute and stared straight ahead until she asked me if I wanted to go home “because I seem irritated”. She then continued to say that “I shouldn’t get my panties in a bunch.” and laughed (at me). I told her that it was “too late for that because of the wind, they already were in a bunch.” 

After Downtown Saluda we ventured to 'Earthly Minds Gallery' 1) because I have been following them on IG for all of eternity and had been wanting to check out all their adorable local art & gift shop and 2) because I was in my feelings from the incident with the wind & knew Earthly Minds would be a safe space.

I left with a Mermaid Fox Sticker for a friend.

Our final stop of the day was the Orchard Inn & Restaurant, which is a short drive from DT Saluda. The Orchard Inn has amazing views of the mountains and is (presumably) haunted since it was built in 1926. Initially it was built as a place for railroad employees to stay. Stop by and grab a drink, or stay for a short weekend getaway. Dress code is Business casual. 


These are just a handful of places to stop and see in Saluda, we definitely saw some other super cute places - but didn't have the time to check them all out in one afternoon.

So what are you waiting for? Venture off to this *adorable* little mountain town & be transported back in time.

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