Spooky Saturday in Marshall

Marshall, North Carolina had been on my radar for a while - after discovering on IG that a bar & restaurant opened in an old jail in the historic village. 

I really liked the concept of being able to visit a jail without having to be bailed out by family or friends & then never paying them back. 

Marshall is about 25 minutes north of Asheville, has a population of around 800 & a super chill feel to it. (Think aliens meet mystics meet humans in small-town WNC.) 

When you first drive in, you wouldn’t think it has this energy - but once you start exploring you’ll find hidden gems galore nestled behind the storefronts.

The day mother & I decided to visit was abnormally chilly & overcast - so our first stop of the Marshall Day-trip was to the ‘Marshall Health Collective & CBD Cafe’ to get some warming hot tea to keep in tow while we perused the town.

The restaurant & shop is right on the river, has a laid-back ambiance, & houses local art.

Two Saint of Circumstance (CBD, Rose & Lavender) Teas in hand, we headed over the the ‘Madison County Courthouse’ to admire the grand structure. 

Don’t forget to look up - the clock tower and little lady justice balancing on top, is quite impressive! 

“How does she do it?” I thought to myself. 

Down Main Street are some super cute shops.  

‘French Broad Exchange’ was our next stop! The bookshop had some quotes in the storefront (one specifically about cannibals); so we were a little worried to go in (since my last name is ‘Donner’). “Just don’t pay with your credit card,” ReRe said before we went entered. 

To my delight, an *adorable* little dog greeter ran over and sat by my feet & let me give her belly rubs. 

Ok - so besides an adorable dog, this bookshop is filled to the brim with a wonderful selection of books - genres ranging from Metaphysical to Spiritual to YA to Local Authors, & Antique Books. 

I picked out “The Day of Their Return” and headed to the counter to check out. “Are you paying with your credit card?“ ReRe whispered as she gave me a cautionary side-eye. “Ohhhh, I am,” I replied and gazed toward the clerk with an empty- yet - worried gaze. The lady behind the counter gave us a perplexed look, so I asked “so those quotes are they from authors or the owner or…?”. “They’re from authors,” she politely replied. “Ohhhh - ok. You have nice books,” I said - hoping she wouldn’t notice the name on my card.

“Do you think she noticed?” ReRe asked as we left the wonderful shop - book in hand. “I don’t know,” I whispered, as we scuttled out and happenstancley ran into the resident bookshop dog on the way out & gave her more belly rubs. 

‘Penland & Sons’ is right across the street & has locally made potholders that feature Meatloaf's doppelgänger. Go get you some.

Also - bring some coins (actual coins - like pennies and quarters and whatnot) to use their old-fashioned fortune-telling scale.

‘Marshall’s Mystical Mercantile’ has the world's cutest stickers, a wide selection of tarot decks, and other cool magical things to purchase. 

After *so* much shopping & exploring, we were famished - so headed back to the CBD cafe for an early dinner - I had the Avocado Veggie Burger paired with Hand Cut Fries. ReRe got Falafel Bites

Everything was homemade, super healthy yet hearty, and hands-down delicious. 

I also ordered a Vegan Mini Sweet Potato Pie to take home & eat it while watching Netflix in bed - alone, in the dark, in my pajamas (#feralgirlsummer). 

The pie was omg to die for… tasted kind of like a funnel cake from the fair but way fancier/healthier and filled with sweet potato yumminess. 

Our last stop of the day was to the (much awaited) Old Marshall Jail Bar - ReRe got a fruity local draft ale & I got a (local) Uncle Scott’s Root-beer

We sat in the main bar area and soaked up the (renovated) jail vibes - iron bars and all! 

Make sure to check out all the vintage black and white photos on the lobby, bar & restaurant walls - that feature some of the jail history. 

Old Marshall Jail is also a hotel, which seems like it would be a super cool spot to spend a few nights. Bask and rest in the rich 100+ year history!

*update 5.21.24: the CBD cafe is now called Grateful Organic Diner

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