Wildflour Bakery & Cafe

Wildflour Bakery & Cafe is a bakery and cafe in Saluda, NC - featuring fresh baked goods, soups, sandwiches, salads, and more. 

I had to be in Saluda because Meatloaf needed some more eye drops from the vet; so I decided to Yelp the area and find a place to eat lunch while I was in town. Wildflour Bakery & Cafe was the first to come up & had some pretty awesome reviews (with the exception of the one lady that claimed she got trapped in the women’s restroom a few doors down). 

The cafe is located in an adorbs shopping plaza on E. Main Street in Saluda. 

They’re open Wednesday - Sunday for breakfast and lunch, brunch on Sundays, and pizza night Wednesday & Friday - as well. 

There’s both indoor and outdoor table seating; so you can bring the doggo (please don’t leave you’re pup in the car like the frightened lady that was “trapped”’in the bathroom and also *coincidentally* the only patron to leave a one star review on google, although she never - in fact- actually ate there). 

Anyway; I chose to sit inside the day that I went - and check out all the cute art for sale that lined the walls - because Meatloaf was at home, as it was pretty rainy (he doesn’t like to go out in the rain, even with his raincoat on). 

Order at the counter, and they’ll bring your meal over to your table once it’s ready. 

I was really tempted to get a bowl of soup and salad, but the nice lady behind me in line heard me contemplating my choices out loud like a complete psychopath - and suggested the “Turkey Sandwich, Salad Combo”, so I ordered that. 

The turkey sandwich came on Sourdough Bread, that’s fresh baked daily in the bakery itself - but you get some other choices of fresh baked bread flavors as well, in case you don’t care for Sourdough. 

Fun fact; you can actually see into the back where they bake the bread; right from the inside of the cafe. 

So anyway - back to my sammich; not only was the bread super fresh and home baked - the entire sandwich itself was fresh and tasty. 

The side salad was also super fresh with a variety of garden greens, carrots, diced tomatoes, and (to die for) mini homemade crunchy croutons. The light balsamic dressing that came on the side had a slight kick to it, and also tasted homemade, light, and healthy. 

To drink I had a cup of water (which is complimentary) - the cups are by the water container, across from the counter. 

They also have a large case of soda, water, coffee, tea to purchase, as well. 

While you’re at the bakery - make sure you pick up one of their mugs that advertise “the best buns in town”. I really didn’t want to cause a scene and argue that I have the best buns in town, so bought a mug to take home so that all my fiends know I have the best buns in town. 

I figured next time I have a friend over for coffee and they go to grab my new mug from the Wildflower Cafe - I can slap their hand away and give them my “Gollum” mug to use, instead.

Make sure you check out the cute garden shop next door; which replenishes their inventory come spring - and is a great place to pick up some plants and gardening supplies. 

I also scored some super fabulous Rose Soap in the antique shop next door; it was uber affordable (only $3), and is made local in North Carolina from all natural ingredients! 

Leave some extra time to stop by the herbal remedies store in the same plaza that I didn’t get a chance to check out - so it’s on my list to go back. 

Oh; and Don’t miss the directory of the town of Saluda that’s on the border of the plaza -  if you’re interested in doing more exploring in town. 

I’d suggest grabbing a coffee to go after you paruse the other cute shops in the plaza- and head into town to see what else Saluda has to offer. Or; check out nearby Pearson Falls after lunch for an light hike (in what appears to be) an enchanted forest. 

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