Laughing Seed Cafe

The Laughing Seed Cafe is a vegetarian cafe off Wall Street in Downtown Asheville -featuring unique and fresh vegetarian farm to table & raw food. 

They’ve got lots of vegan options too. 

When I’m headed to that area of town - I always park in the Wall Street Garage. 

None of the parking attendants judge me when I sit in my car and sob for twenty minutes before leaving, or when I take five minutes to scrounge around in the bottom of my purse for loose change to pay the bill. 

Bonus; parking for the first hour is free.

So anyway - take the elevator down from the garage, and it will drop you off right on Wall Street in front of the Laughing Seed. 

The cafe itself has both indoor and outdoor seating. 

Normally I like to sit out on the patio, but it’s *still* winter - and (slightly) cold, so I sat inside in the back dining room. 

Wait at the host station and they’ll bring you to a a table. 

There’s lots of exciting drink choices at the Laughing Seed; including specialty cocktails with names like “Jessica Rabbit” and, “Interstellar Aviation”. They also have mocktails, classic cocktails, fresh live juices, smoothies, sodas, and kombucha to choose from. 

The lunch menu has lots of apps, salads sandwiches, warm entrees like bowls - burritos & tacos - as well as raw entrees & desserts. Lots of their dishes are made with locally sourced ingredients.

I got the seed burger which is made with a mash of veggies, beans, beets, tofu and more. It comes on a nom nom vegan bun that’s super fresh & chewy; topped with (vegan) shiitake bacon aioli. All sandwiches come with sweet potato chips but you can sub jalapeño ~ onion fries or a small side salad for a $2 up-charge. 

The Sweet potato chips that came with my veggie burger were fresh tasting & very crunchy. 

The burger itself was red inside - (probably the beets) and very tasty. It (actually) didn’t taste seedy at all, but rather had kind of a meaty consistency and was a real meat replica; but without all the blood and guts. 

After my very delicious lunch, I stopped by Appalachian Naturals Saponifist to browse their unique selection of natural/handmade soaps and such.

They’ve got (hard to find) lye soap - which is always great for treating Poison Ivy. 

Lye soap is the perfect remedy for when you get lost in the woods mid - midnight haunt and resort to sleeping in a poison ivy bush. 

Oh & while you’re in the shop - make sure to take a peek behind the front counter where they used to actually make the soap! It’s reminiscent of an old fashioned apothecary and completely enchanting. 

Before you head back to the parking garage  - make sure to stop by the Violet Owl Wellness shop for some more great finds! 

I purchased an all natural - local, hand made lavender salve, that I’ve been using as lip balm; and it’s been keeping my lips super soft. 

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