Puppy Bowl 2019

So, since I have no idea what’s ever going on in regular football - I decided to check out Puppy Bowl 2019 this weekend at the Kanuga Conferene center in Hendersonville. 

That way my friends wouldn’t get annoyed with me when I showed up at their parties and started asking questions like “Why did that player get a penalty?”, “What does the score mean?”, “What year is it?”, “I think I’m lost in time and space?”, “What time do we eat?”, and so on. 

Proceeds from the event went to Sweet Bear Rescue Farm & Brother Wolf Animal Rescue. 

The Puppy Bowl was *legit* the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my life (and, I’ve seen a lot in the nearly 2000 years that I’ve been haunting). 

There were puppies, puppies, and more puppies - that were divided into two teams; the “Tuff” & the “Gruff” teams - with the puppy players wearing adorable little dog jerseys. 

My first snack that I got to enjoy while watching the game was organic - vegan pretzel knots from Blunt Pretzels. 

They were a super tasty snack, and spicy dipped in mustard.

Blunt Pretzels normally sets up shop over at New Belgium Brewing in Asheville - for future reference. 

This adorable (and adoptable) dog from Brother Wolf definitely sniffed out my pretzels and gave me me those “give me a piece of your pretzel knot I’m cute” squinty eyes after his half time appearance. 

He’s a super sweet wiry haired wonder that would make a great bestie to travel with on all your food trips. 

Rapper ‘Grey’ performed an ah-mazing half time show. I *loved* his music & his message. 

If you haven’t heard him yet  - definitely check him out. 

After half time, I headed over to the “No Evil Meats” booth for some Vegan Buffalo Chicken Wings with Dill Ranch. As soon as the wings came up; I completely devoured them - and totally forgot to take a picture. Oops. 

Anyway - they were *so* delish, crunchy, spicy and super scrumptious. 

I definitely had sauce dripping all over my face, down my pants, and even on my boots. 

No evil foods vegan meats can be purchased in a bunch of grocery stores throughout WNC; including Ingles. 

After I ate my nom nom vegan chicken wings I parused the booths that had super fun tote bags, leashes, and t-shirts that said cute things like “I like big mutts and I can not lie”; which also afforded me the opportunity to swoon over the puppies that the volunteers were carrying around while mumbling Sir Mix-A-Lot songs under my breath. 

Lastly, before I headed home to see my big mutt - I grabbed a Cookies & Cream Hot Coco from Share Well Coffee, to go. 

It was very creamy, delish, and perfect for the drive though the mountains back to my haunted mansion. 

Er; well - Haunted one bedroom apartment. Same thing, whatever. 

Remember - “adopt don’t shop!”. Well, I mean - you can shop; just not for dogs. I actually suggest you adopt a dog and then take them shopping. 

This sweet gal up for adoption looks like she’s an expert shopper, and would be the perfect fur baby/shopping companion to take on outings to the Asheville Outlet Mall. 

If you’re interested in adopting any of the puppers featured in my blog; contact Brother Wolf in Asheville, North Carolina. 

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