Kitchen 743 at Isis Music Hall

Kitchen 743 is a restaurant housed in the Isis Music Hall in West Asheville off Haywood Road. 

Isis has been around since 1937, was originally a movie theater, and is probably haunted - which is pretty cool. (Everything old is haunted - including my great aunt Beatrice; that’s why she shouts derogatory comments at her nurses and refuses to eat breakfast cereal that is packaged in Ohio.)

There’s plenty of parking in the lot out back (enter off Dunwell) - and the nice host/hostess will validate your ticket.

So; I was actually on my way to The Hop West for a sundae, but was walking by Kitchen 743, saw the sign for “Sushi Saturday Night”, & figured I probably shouldn’t have just ice cream for dinner - so stopped by for some fresh sushi.

Since they don’t have sushi every day/night - make sure you check out their online menu, or just swing by and surprise yourself to see what’s up like people did in the olden days; before the internet. 

Just don't stop by on Monday, they're closed on Mondays. 

The hostess was super friendly, asked me whether I wanted to sit at the bar or a table - showed me to a lovely spot by the window, and even lit a candle for me.

It was *so* romantic being alone, not having an annoying date ask me bothersome questions like “what’s it like being a phantom?”, “doesn’t your dog get scared of you?”, “was that you peeking in my window last night at 2am?”.

The inside of Kitchen 743 was absolutely enchanting with soft lighting - and the outdoor patio is just as nice with edison bulbs galore. 

It’s definitely a great place to enjoy a cocktail/mock-tail after dark, or while the sun is setting.

On that note; to drink - I ordered a mock-tail. 

They didn’t have anything (non alcoholic) pre on the menu, but the bartender was nice enough to prepare me a special drink which looked super fancy and girlie, with a pretty snazzy - ornate orange rind on it. It was just the right amount sweet and frothy... extremely yum!

Next time (when I’m not driving) I'd like try the “Honey Ryder”, as well, which is a yummy concoction of vodka, lavender honey, lemon, soda & violet.

To eat I ordered a Spicy Tuna Roll which came with a very cute presentation on a long  plate (that looks really difficult to carry - so props to the waitstaff). 

There were eight sushi rolls, and a small side salad - the perfect size for a meal. 

At Isis they have live music; and according to their website you can actually hear the music in the main dining hall.  

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