The Rhu

The Rhu is a cafe & bakery off Lexington Ave. in downtown Asheville. 

They’re open every day but Tuesday, and have a large selection of fresh baked goods including loaves of bread.

For breakfast they’ve got things like oatmeal, toasts, and even frittatas. For lunch they’ve got sandwiches, soups, and salads. I suggest taking a look at their scrumptious menu online before you go.

There’s a few pay to park lots on Lexington. 

I parked over at the Biltmore Parking Deck at the Aloft Hotel, so I could enjoy the pleasant stroll up to The Rhu in the rain. The entrance to get into the parking garage is right off Lexington, and the first hour was free.

The Rhu itself is almost (but not quite) on the corner of Lexington, and Patton - and super easy to find, especially if you’re walking. 

Keep your eyes peeled for the black and white sign with the spoon on it.

Once you get inside the cafe, check out the drink menu on the on the chalk board hanging to the left of the counter, that also features the “day to day” specials. 

If you haven’t already decided what you want to eat before you arrive - there are individual paper breakfast & lunch menus on the counter as well. 

After you order - they’ll give you a number and your drink to take to your table.

While you’re at the counter ordering your meal - don’t miss the day old baked goods for sale - they’re sold at a discounted price and are still *very* delicious. I got a package of cookies to take home and snack on while I watched silly Christmas movies.

Before you find your seat - make sure to peruse the interesting selection of merch for sale like bitters, olive oil, gourmet sodas, jiggers, cook books, and way more. It’s definitely a hosts paradise - and the perfect place to stop by before you have your next cocktail or dinner party.

I stopped hosting parties at my place after the one time I accidentally served my “special” ice cream for dessert instead of the Ben & Jerry’s. Consequently, half of the guests ended up in the ER complaining of extreme exhaustion and hallucinations.

And by “special” I mean it was made with highly potent amounts of THC churned in.

There’s plenty of places to sit - like at the smaller tables downstairs, and at larger tables in the upstairs seating area - that appears to be haunted by the souls of a melancholic theater troupe.

While your upstairs, pick up a complimentary issue of “Edible Asheville” magazine. 

Just FYI; The magazines aren’t actually edible. (Unless you have Pica, like my Moms terrier mix.)

PS; if you do decide to venture upstairs - watch out for the mistletoe booby trap in the landing.

I decided to sit at the bar style seating by the window on the main level just in case the ghosts that were haunting the upstairs dining room decided to put on an impromptu production of 'Mamma Mia' while I was enjoying my sandwich.

Speaking of sandwiches, my Carrot Hummus one was waiting for me as soon as I ventured back downstairs. 
It came with a Side Salad, and was super fresh and yummy. 

The Chapata bread that it came on totally made the sammich, and was tasty AF. Somehow they toasted it to perfection so it had the perfect amount of crunch on the outside while still maintaining the right crunchy to chewy bread ratio at a delightfully superb temperature. The sandwich itself was lined with just the right amount of carrot hummus and filled bountifully with tasty veggies like shallots, fennel and spiced green tomatoes. 

The side salad was just the right size, and delish - made with light and healthy fresh greens and pickled veggies, tossed in a homemade oil and vinegar type dressing.

If you don’t like salads you can also get a side of chips with your sandwich instead.

The Rosemary Grapefruit Draft Soda that I got to drink was the perfect addition to my meal - and naturally sweet. The soda had a distinct - yet not overpowering, Grapefruit taste and hints of Rosemary, and wasn’t overwhelmingly carbonated.

The Rhu is definitely a great place for a healthy yet filling and (slightly haunted),  yummy lunch. Although I didn’t try their breakfast, if my lunch experience was any indication of their breakfasts - I’m sure it’s superb as well. 

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