McFarlan Bakery

McFarlan Bakery is a pretty historic bakery in downtown Hendersonville on the third block of Main Street. They advertise on their website “made from scratch” baked goods, circa 1930.

I mean the baked goods weren’t baked in 1930 and for sale now. The business was started in 1930 and the baked goods are baked fresh. So yeah.

I decided to stop by because I was on the hunt for gingerbread cookies, and was headed into Hendersonville to swing by the Blue Ridge Humane Society Thrift Store to donate some of Meatloafs outfits that didn’t fit him. 

None of his outfits fit him because he cons all of his sitters into believing that I don’t feed him enough, and ends up eating enough for three dogs on days that I’m at work.

Parking on Main Street can be a little complicated around the holidays, so if you don’t find a spot offhand, I suggest just parking on one of the side streets or over on Church Street, and enjoying the quaint little walk over to the bakery. 

When you see the large Coca Cola sign on the side of the building, you know you’re pretty close.

Don’t place you’re order with the chef holding the sign outside. He’s not real.

Deceiving, I know.

Place you’re order inside with the people behind the counter.

So when you first walk in the door you’ll notice the enchanting aroma of fresh baked goods, and cases upon cases filled with all kinds of delights from macaroons, to rum balls... rum cakes, cakes made to order, eclairs, cookies, shortbread, donuts - and way *way* more.

They even have “Stollen Bread”. 

It seems pretty brazen to advertise that they’re selling Stollen goods, and kinda illegal too. But, I’m certainly not one to judge & (admittedly) the loaves did look very tasty and would be a perfect addition to any holiday brunch.

There’s outdoor seating only, on the sidewalk - if you’re looking for a place to enjoy your pastries or made to order sammich. Until the spring when the weather warms up, i’d suggest bundling up if you want to eat there.

There’s also tables with chairs on the sidewalk too, in case you didn’t want to sit on the carousel horse.

Anyway, McFarlan's had so many delicious baked goods to choose from - I got some extra to deliver to my neighborhood while caroling and spreading the holiday cheer.

Just kidding - I put my phone on “do not disturb” as soon as I got home,  and watched Netflix in my pajamas with Meatloaf, and vegged in peaceful solitude.

For scale, here’s a shot of the cookie next to Meatloafs head.

I dropped my bag of goodies on the way back to my car from the bakery (I was kind of in a rush since I had just purchased a loaf of Stollen Bread), and smudged my gingerbread mans lips. That’s why it looks like he just got home from a long night of drinking apricot schnapps.

The gingerbread man person was not only super adorbs & festive, it was chewy (my fave), fresh, and had just the right amount of molasses flavor & ginger snap to it. The cookie was, no doubt made from scratch - which is such a delight.

PS; while I was at the Thrift Store donating - I made sure to stop in and do some shopping and found some pretty ah-mazing treasures like antique Christmas ornaments for gifts, a container for Meatloafs dog biscuits, as well as a vintage book copyright 1899! 

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