Bebettes Cafe

Are you in the mood for beignets but you’re super fucking broke like me and can’t travel to New Orleans? Does the interstate make you anxious? If so; Look no further than Bebettes Cafe. 

Bebettes is a super cute beignet place approximately 700 miles east of New Orleans, not too far from the Asheville mall off Tunnel Road. They don’t have an Instagram page; but be sure to check them out on Facebook, however. Even though I was disappointed I couldn’t cyber stalk Bebettes on IG prior to my visit, I liked their website and had heard really good things about them- so figured I’d give them a try. Plus, my fat ass really wanted a beignet. 

It’s in a small little brick building with a green roof; and also pretty easy to miss. Just look for the sign that says “Bebettes”.

It’s right next door to Mattress Firm; so if you’re looking to score a sweet mattress too, you can kill two birds with one stone. Or, if you like to nap during your food coma, you can always pretend like your in the market for a new mattress and take a mini sleep over at Mattress Firm. 

Parking is a snap- there are a few spots out front, plus more in the back. The inside is cute and fresh. The floor is lightly dusted in powdered sugar- don’t be alarmed; this is totally normal of a traditional beignet place.

They’ve got like a million types of coffee from “pecan praline” to “saints special dark” making for a perfect pairing with your non doughnuts. 

There are four types of beignets; and you get three per order. Um, they even have “churro” beignets (viva Mexico!) The lady at the counter was super nice; and suggested I go with the “classic” beignets (as I told her I had never had them before). 

Give yourself a few extra minutes to dine, they cook them fresh and it takes about five to ten minutes. The inside of the building smells like fresh cooking dough; which builds up the anticipation of your beignets that are about to be delivered to your table. 

They have children’s toys and board games inside; so if you have kids- it’s a great way to keep them entertained. If you’re more of a dog person, like me- just play the “don’t look and they won’t see you game” if a child that is playing with one of those said board games happens to glance your direction, and eat your beignets in peace.  

So anyway - The beignets are COVERED in powdered sugar, and freaking delicious.

The classic beignets reminded me of the fried dough my Italian grandmother used to make when I was little. These, also, are not your run of the mill fried dough squares (or beignets -as we would call them in the south). They weren’t too greasy, so you don’t feel super fucking gross after eating them- like you’ve just left the county fair and still have carnie cooking oil all over you. 

If you’re a delicate little flower; you may want to ask for “light” powdered sugar, you *will* get it all over your face, on your pants, shirt, possibly even in your handbag. The nice lady working there brought a pile of napkins; she must have sensed that I (clearly) would need them. 

The helpful lady behind the counter gave me specific instructions on how to re heat my beignets- (yum!!) And, when I asked her what to do with my trash & leftovers- she told me that they compost (super cool), and that she would take it for me. They use recylcle to go cups too, yay!! 

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