Filo Pastries

FILO pasties is a cute pastry shop and cafe in East Asheville, off tunnel road right by the VA hospital. Parking is superb, and in the back of the shop itself. 

I had to freshen myself up in their boudoir since I had come from yoga and smelled like a 16th century bordello (I forgot to put on deodorant, as usual) so ducked into their powder room when I first got there. The bathroom itself was super fresh and smelled like roses. Make sure you look up, the ceiling is tin- and super cool. 

(I always stare at the ceiling when I pee, I also always talk to myself  when I’m on the train- don’t judge). Also, They have a full length mirror, so I could stare blankly into it and get myself siked up and to consume abundant amounts of pastries (this is an ancient American eating technique- in case you didn’t know). 

Anyway, enough about the ladies room. The music wasn’t too loud inside FILO; thank the lord. It’s air conditioned indoors; so if you always dress like a super skank- make sure you bring a sweater and maybe a cozy pair of socks. It’s large enough that you don’t have to sit directly next to someone; so you can shout into your phone at Siri “period, comma, comma- I SAID FUCKING COMMA SIRI!” without annoying the person next to you. 

They have seats at the bar against the wall. 

High top tables, low top tables. Tables in front of couches.

Tables outside.

Tables next to bushes.

Tables next other tables.

Overall, they have lots of tables. 

Fresh flowers are delicately placed throughout the cafe; which is innately charming and is sure to brighten your day. The Cherry fruit pinwheel that I ordered was yummy af- crunchy, not too sweet, buttery, and just the right amount of fruity. 

My Black-bear latte tasted just like blackberries; it wasn’t too sweet- and packed a mega caffeine punch. 

Tip; the back entrance is actually really the front entrance and is really on the side. Not to mention, it looks (no joke) like a door to Narnia. 

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