Beehive Coffee Bar

Update: Beehive Coffee Bar has since closed since the publication of this blog. 

Beehive Coffee Bar is off Sweeten Creek Road in Arden (South Asheville). I like to gauge the proximity of places by the distance to the closest Walmart - it’s 1.34 miles away (not too far, but just far enough).

No; they weren’t prepping for El Niño, it was just some idiot shit head vandals apparently that fucked up their window. (And, it will be fixed soon). 

Parking is simple, they’ve got a big lot.

I was really edgy by the time I got there (hangry, awkward, anti social and under caffeinated is never a good combination) but the girl behind the counter was super cheery and way nice, so I quickly snapped out of anti social bitch mode. Even though I asked “oh, you have ice cream?!”, the nice girl working there didn’t look at me like I was the village idiot and kindly said “oh- that’s just our pastry menu, but we do have vanilla ice cream!” 

She asked if I’d even been there and If I was from the area; I immediately felt like a welcomed regular. Dog cookies are abundant and to go. (I’m guessing you can have your dog on the patio.)

They’ve got super chill music, and a dream book in tow; so you can research that awkward dream where you keep waking up naked, in jail, in Tijuana.

Bring your own mug; they have a community mug program (apparently I’m not the only weirdo mug snob that likes to bring their own favorite mug all around town). Had I know that, I would have brought a mug with a picture of my mug on it. I ordered a dirty chai. The dirty chai wasn’t (in fact) dirty at all, but super scrumptious. 

I also got a (vegan, wait what?!) blueberry scone which was fresh and just the right amount of crumbly and moist, plus had the perfect flour to sugar to blueb ratio. It had a light layer of frosting on top too, nom nom nom all day. 

The only downfall of beehive cafe is that there was a picture of an owl that kind of startled me.

(I just felt like it was looking at me and judging the entire time I was eating; it was like deja vu to every time I go into the ROSS store on Airport Road and wonder why some bitch keeps staring at me until I finally look and realize it’s just a  picture of some lady’s head fastened to the end of the clothing rack). Idk, but still; (in my personal opinion) that owl has a fucking attitude problem. 

Tip; it’s super laid back, wear some cozy sweat pants; bring your own mug, a good book and chill out.

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