Owl Bakery

Owl Bakery is an adorable little bakery in West Asheville right off Haywood Rd., not *too* far from the fwy. It’s in a canary yellow cottage; if you’re color blind I’m so- terribly sorry... you’ll never find it. 

Just kidding! They have a sign and numbers on the building too. 

I had wanted to take a trip to OWL Bakery for a while; after stalking their Instagram for weeks on end, like a serial killer on the hunt for fresh baked goods. They had me at “baguette”. For days on end I would fall asleep thinking about their hearth loaves and hearty looking bowls of soup, only to wake up and realize I had to go to my day job and my only solace would be to pretend I had a recurring bout of IBS so I could sneak off to the bathroom and pretend I was taking a dump so I could look at pictures of bread in peace. I’m so sick of my co workers knocking on the door and asking me “is everything ok in there?” Like- yes everything is OK Sharon... *like* i’m the only one that pretends to take the worlds longest crap just so I can stare at pictures of lemon curd tarts and cardamom buns. 

Anyway, as much as I’d been creeping On OWL Bakery as of late; I was still a little leery to go because I was so excited about the trip that I was afraid that it might turn into another manic episode where I spend $2500 on pie (try explaining that to your credit card company when you can’t pay the bill!). 

Anyway, I decided I would suck it up, and succumb to my fantasies of devouring a fresh baked danish over a mocha latte (alone, of course) while I shot strangers seething glances that implied “get the fuck away from my food- it’s mine because I fucking paid for it.” 

When I got there; the nice girl behind the counter recommended the Maple Cream Cheese Danish with Crystallized Herbs. My cappuccino and danish came on adorable little plates, and the decor was to die for. 

The cappuccino was classic, with no sugar added. If you need to add sugar or simple syrup, the have a cute little setup on the counter for that. 

My pastry was fresh; just the right amount of crunchy yet chewy, not too much sweet- with an ah-mazing butter aftertaste. The cream cheese on the inside tasted like something from another planet (no, not aliens - silly). By far one of the best pastries I’ve ever had. I believe that all of their pastries and bread are made from organic grass fed milk, so bonus points for OWL. I honestly wasn’t expecting the inside of the bakery to wow me so much from stalking their Instagram, it feels like your stepping into a cafe in Europe it’s so tastefully done.

I felt like a sophisticated lady with the real napkin (no cheap paper crap at OWL)... oh lala (“how fancy?!”) I thought to myself as I hastily devoured my danish while crumbs flew everywhere and crumbled down my top onto my pants and the floor surrounding me. They have seating out side, and it’s totally shaded so even if you’re allergic to the sun like me you can enjoy some fresh air.

The nice lady working there (maybe the owner?) verified you can even bring Fido, they have water bowls already out for you and your pup! OWL Bakery is great if you can’t afford that weekend trip to Paris, you almost feel like your stepping back in time. 

Apparently they’re open late now too that’s it’s the summer; so if you’re a big loser like me and never has a date - have at it. Don’t be ashamed to dine alone- a little “travel trick” I learned: order two pastries and two coffees and set the table for two. When some random asshole asks if they can use your extra chair, snap back at them and shout “I do have a date, his name is Juan and he drives a super fancy car!” hastily grab your extra pastry while holding back tears and *politely* ask your barista for a to go bag while staring at the counter shamefully. 

OWL Bakery is now *officially* one of my favorite places for pastries. It’s a legit pastry paradise. I’m in love with carbs and caffeine; and owl has the very best of both. 

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