Liberty House Coffee and Cafe

Liberty House Coffee and Cafe is a classy cafe not too far from downtown Asheville, kinda by Trader Joe’s (kinda). 

I decided to visit Liberty House after I had seen a picture of a delicious looking carrot cake on their Instagram. Carrot cake and I have been frenimies for years. Despite its alluring healthy demeanor, it’s packed with sugar and calories. Plus, I noticed they had free range chickens; free range chickens are a weakness of mine. Parking is kind of a bitch; but don’t worry, you can just circle around the block a few times like an idiot stick- eventually you’ll find something and have the opportunity to park like an asshole. 

They have one of those fancy signs out front with a menu on it, like in a big city, so you can pretend like you’re fancy and pondering on whether or not to eat there when you know that your fat ass is going to since you just drove thirty minutes to get there and are starving so bad you’ve begun to salivate at the mouth like a rabid raccoon. 

When I walked inside, there was no line- so I walked right up to the counter and inquired as to what type of cake was in the case. The nice girl behind the counter told me it was quiche. 

I felt like a moron and ordered a ‘cherry pistachio’ scone instead- which was crunchy but at the same time chewy; and not dry at all. 

I also had a ‘Honey lavender’ latte that had just the right amount of sugar, and a delicious honey after taste. 

They’ve got abundant outdoor seating, with lots of green space and delightful grounds.

If you don’t have a dog- you can sit and stare at the other people that do in awe of Gods magical creations. Or, if you’re afraid of looking super creepy (not me at all), sit and stare at their garden that is filled with fluttering white butterflies. 

There’s just the right amount of shade outside, so you don’t melt in the warm Asheville summer sun. Downside; I couldn’t find the free range chickens to gawk at. Upside; I did find this metal door thing that looked like a free range chicken and was as equally entertaining. 

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