Button & Co. Bagels

Button & Co. Bagels is a brand new bagel shop off Lexington Avenue in downtown Asheville.

I suggest parking at Aloft Hotel at the “Biltmore Ave Parking Deck” (which, oddly enough, is actually off Lexington Ave. - not Biltmore Ave... making it way more convenient to easily get to Button & Co.) The first hour is free - so it’s the perfect place to park and enjoy a short stroll up to the shop in the beautiful fall weather.

When you first come up to Button & Co. Bagels, you’ll immediately notice how enchanting it is with the Great Gatsby-esque adornments such as a gold butterfly on the large black entrance door, and green lamp hanging above - that make you feel like you’ve stepped straight back into the roaring 20’s.

When you step inside Button Co. you’ll be welcomed by the smell of freshly cooked bagels and friendly faces, it’s particularly dreamy and reminiscent of olde NYC. But; don’t be mistaken - this bagel shop is distinctly southern at heart with a large menu featuring items such as local ramp cream cheese, house-made jam - and bagels made with molasses. 

Order at the counter with one of the nice staff members - pay, and they’ll call your name when your order is ready.

While you’re waiting for them to make up you’re bagel - make sure you check out their cute t-shirts for sale that say fun things like “love you lox” and “bagels are my jam”.

To eat I ordered a “Classic Gravlax” bagel (which I had a *very* difficult time pronouncing.) After attempting to say “Gravlax and Classic” in the same sentence like six times - eventually I just said “ummmmm” and stared at the menu for probably two to three minutes (alright that’s pushing it - it was probably more like 20 seconds - but still). 

Luckily; the guy taking my order was SO nice and patient, he didn’t even seem to care I can’t speak proper English - and waited patiently until eventually I just stammered “The lox - I’ll have the lox please.” Which was great; because of his calm demeanor I didn’t get *too* much ordering anxiety and have to run out of the shop crying and forgetting to grab my order after I paid  (it’s happened before).

To drink I was torn between one of their house made “Celery Sodas” or “Lavender Blueberry Shrub”. If I ordered the Shrub; I wasn’t quite sure if they were going to hand me a medium sized potted plant doused in lavender and blueberry syrup, or what. 

Turns out Katie Button (*the* chef herself) was there and overheard me ordering, and was kind enough to come out and explain what a shrub was. It just so happens to be a vinegar & fruit concoction; which is traditionally used to aid in digestion and was popular back in colonial America. 

“What sorcery is this?!” I exclaimed.

Just kiddding; I did not in fact say that - but rather showed my excitement by thanking her and ordering one. The shrub itself was very (naturally) sweet and vinegary, super yum! Plus; it came in an eco cup - and they offer paper straws.

They also have a wide variety coffee, teas, beer wine and ciders to choose from.

My bagel sandwich came out soon after the shrub, and wrapped up in a an adorbs paper wrapping with little bagel, tomato and fishies drawings on it.

I decided to sit down at one of the tables by the window and enjoy my meal; so I could watch the abundance of cute doggies with their humans stroll by. (However- I was also thinking how perfect it would be to swing by and get a bagel to go before work.)

The salmon on my bagel was so very red - for a second I almost thought they had forgot my salmon and it was just lots of tomatoes - turns out it’s just *very* fresh (Wild) sockeye salmon that they fly in from Washington state. The bagel itself was nomz crunchy on the outside but super chewy on the inside. Overall the entire bagel sammich was packed with delightful flavor.

Usually, I’m extremely anti social; however I just so happened to sit next to a super nice patron that told me just how famous and talented chef Katie Button was, and highly encouraged me to checkout the (to die for) deviled eggs and pasta at Nightbell (just upstairs), as well as Cúrate. If Button & Co. is any indication of the quality of food at Buttons’ other restaurants; I’m already a fan.

Before I left, I made sure to take a peak up the stairs to get a glimpse of Nightbell - and it looked pretty neat and fun. The inside scoop is that they just updated their menu; so I definitely plan on going for a solo date and making an appearance as “that strange lady dining by herself”, very soon. 

*Button & Co. bagels & Nightbell have since closed - however, Curate (one of Katie’s restaurants) remains open, so check them out! 

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