Green Sage Cafe

Green Sage Cafe is a healthy, eco friendly, restaurant in Asheville. I was on my way to The Biltmore to go see their Christmas celebration, so stopped by the one on Hendersonville Road in South Asheville for Sunday brunch before my excursion to see the festivities. 

The South Asheville local is in a small shopping complex so there’s plenty of parking.

They have both outdoor (presumably pet friendly) seating as well as an abundance of indoor bar & table seating - and some fun little nooks by the windows, too.

Make sure to check out the cute greeting cards and mech for sale when you first walk in, by the counter where you place your order. 

They have a neat program where if you use a reusable travel mug for your drink; they’ll donate 20 cents every time to charity. I’m not sure if it has to be one of their own “Green Sage” mugs or not - but I suggest buying one anyway because one can never have too many travel mugs to travel with! 

Plus, the mugs are also great for Holiday gifts - why not pick one up with a greeting card by the counter while you order your meal for easy holiday shopping? 

I plan on getting one for my manager at my day job so she doesn’t say anything when I eat tuna fish sandwiches in the lobby.

Green Sage Cafe offers a large selection of organic/all natural/local food to choose from like rice bowls, avocado toast, burgers (made with meat from Hickory Nut Gap Farms), and much more. 

I couldn’t decide on the avocado toast or the wild lox sandwich, but with some help from the nice guy that took my order - I decided on the Lox Sammich and a Fresh Squeezed Juice. 

After you order they’ll give you a place-card so they can find your table and bring your food over. The place card holder I was given had an adorable baby tiger on it. 

My meal came out relatively quick & the Lox Sandwich was *very* yummy, and super fresh with loads of wild salmon, avocado slices, tomatoes, lettuce & onions, on a healthy/light, yet flavorful multigrain bun type thing topped with some savory sauce that added just the right amount of flavor to it. 

The fresh squeezed “Immune Tune” juice that I had was the perfect addition to my meal, and made fresh to order. It was definitely just the right ratio fresh squeezed juices, turmeric, and ginger (a difficult combination to master). I would suggest drinking the Immune Tune out of a straw, since theirs lots of orange stuff in it - it will *temporarily* dye your lips. I went in the bathroom after my meal and immediately applied lipgloss after looking in the mirror; in fear that Gene Wilder might come and kidnap me and force me to work in his Candy Factory, wear a jumpsuit uniform with odd suspenders, and not pay a live-able wage. 

Anyway - my favorite part of Green Sage is that they’re very serious about their eco print and make it easy for the customer to participate too. After you bus your own table, you can easily sort your leftovers and trash into separate labeled bins for compost, recycling, etc.! 

Before you leave, make sure you check out the ‘Underwater Photography’ by Dr. John Highsmith. The exhibition is on display through December and features many of his dazzling, ethereal type creations.

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