Old Europe Pastries

Old Europe Pastries is a dessert shop in downtown Asheville with lots of yummy fresh desserts and a wide variety of fair trade coffee drinks. 

They’re right off of Broadway (My GPS said it was off of “Broad” street. I’m not sure why - but, presumably because my GPS is a big giant asshole.) 

There’s lots of street parking now that the winter is here - and, it’s only $1.50 hour (plus, they take credit cards!) 

Old Europe has both indoor and outdoor seating. The inside is completely enchanting - and feels like you’ve stepped way way back into old Europe (without all the dysentery and bubonic plague - of course) with soft lighting, a relaxed ambiance, and warm wall coverings. 

When you walk in to order, you’ll immediately be captivated by their large selection of pastries, pies, macaroons and such. 

I was craving chocolate so decided on a piece of Chocolate Truffle Cake, and a Cortado to drink. 

After the friendly barista prepared my order - I grabbed my food and drink & sat by the window so I could look out and people watch; which was fun since the shop is right in the heart of downtown and like a zillion people walk by. 

The Chocolate truffle cake was very *very* delish - tasted kinda Italian. It was rich and thick, yet light and fluffy at the same time. 

Unfortunately, I did get chocolate all over my new blue jeans. So - I’d suggest bringing several of those plastic lobster bibs your strange aunt put in your stocking last year, and layering them on - if you’re just as messy as I am. 

The Cortado itself was strong and the perfect temperature - with an adorable heart shape in the foam. It was definitely the perfect pairing with my dessert, and an ideal pick me up mid-afternoon. 

Fun fact; the To go box that I got to take my leftover cake home in was adorbs. I would definitely say Old Europe is a great place to pick up pastries for a dinner party, it will make you look super fancy and most likely people won’t mind that you’re crashing their party (again). 

Next time I stop by Old Europe I plan on trying their “peppermint” latte, to get all festive and put myself in the holiday mood. 

Most likely I’ll dress up like Jesus and perform my annual “solo manger” routine after I enjoy my latte; where I drink too much brandy Eggnog and fall asleep in a small bundle of hay outside of Trader Joe’s. 

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