Henrietta's Poultry Shoppe

Henrietta’s Poultry Shoppe is a fun little southern style lunch and dinner restaurant housed in the Hatchery Building in the River Arts District. 

There’s plenty of parking right next to the shop. And, make sure to leave some extra  time to check out the “Good Vibes” water tower while you’re there (it’s adjacent to the parking lot & a great Asheville spot to get some nice pics). 

You can enjoy your meal inside the shop or out on the large, vibrant (pet friendly) patio - - at one of their many picnic style tables. 

Even if you decide to sit outside; I definitely suggest you check out the *very cute* interior after you place your order at the counter. Henrietta’s is bright and colorful, with tons of artsy decorative chickens every where. 

There’s little chickens in boxes. 

Large chickens in boxes. 

Chickens on top of boxes. 

Chicken on the menu. 

And then this whimsical - yet brazen, chicken on a swing:

I did not have chicken on my plate, however. 

I ordered a “New Orleans Catfish Po’ Boy” sandwich, the “Pimento Cheese Hushpuppies” snack, and a “House-made Lemonade”. Each sandwich comes with fries, or for a $1 up charge you can choose from a few different yummy sides such as Mac & Cheese or Kale Salad, etc.! 

The pimento cheese hush puppies came out first in a cute checkered basket and were hot and fresh, with a side of Apple Butter that was definitely great for dipping. A very neat combo. 

Soon after came my sandwich, which was very tasty, had just the right amount of spice to it - and was topped with fresh tomatoes, pickles, lettuce, and a very delicious Cream Remoulade sauce. Luckily - the Po Boy was not as greasy at all, which is always a nice surprise when you’ve ordered a fried fish sandwich. 

Henrietta’s does have adorable little pecan pies for dessert; I was too full to get one - but (in retrospect) wish I would have got one to go. (I would have taken it home and eaten in with my mini fork.)

*Henrietta’s has since closed but Asheville is still there. 

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