Rise Above Deli

The Rise Above Deli is a yummy restaurant housed in the Hillman Beer brewery. They’re located off Sweeten Creek Road in Asheville, right near the historic Biltmore Village. 

They do have their own parking lot; which always makes life (or, er - the afterlife) a lot easier. 

The menus are to the right after you first walk in the front door & also at the bar (where you place your order and order your drink). 

I was driving the day that I went - so just had a water to drink. But; they do have lots of yummy looking beers on tap such as stouts, IPA’s, Porters, sours and more if you’ve taken a uber, hitch hiked, walked, prancersiced, teleported, whatever. 

After your order your food and grab your drink, take your number place card and find a seat indoors at the bar or at one of their many communal tables, outdoors in the front at a picnic table, or outdoors out back for laid back picnic style seating along the river. 

To eat, I ordered a Hickory Nut Gap Farms Burger which came with a side of Kale Salad (you can choose from a few sides) and sat indoors so I could pretend like I was watching the soccer game on the big screen tv like a normal non-phantom human (in reality I was reminiscing in my mind about all of the fun times I’ve had haunting people in the past).

Anyway, the presentation of my meal was not only extremely cute on the brown paper wrapping - it tasted delish too. The kale salad was topped with a crumbled parmesan, and was sweet and vinegary with white raisins & pepitas sprinkled throughout. Very yum & healthy tasting - a perfect compliment to the burger. 

The burger itself was extremely tasty and  fresh (not super greasy or anything) with onions, pickles, lettuce - tomato, ketchup, mayo and cheese (the works) all on a bun that was toasted to perfection. The veggies were crisp and seemed straight from the garden. 

Oh, and the super friendly wait staff will bus the table for you. 

Before I headed out to continue my adventure for the day - I made sure to check out the large selection of merch located near the happenings board - where they have a list of all the going’s on at the brewery. It appears they have a lot of fun music and events such as “Paws and Pints” where you can hang out with animals from Charlie’s Angels Rescue and find your furever friend. 

Speaking of furever friends; Hillman Beer is dog friendly and your well behaved bff fur-baby is welcome (on leash)! 

After I checked out the events and merch I made sure to scope out the seating area by the river for my next visit; where this guy was hanging out:

(Yes - there is an adorable puppy in that picture.)

*Although ‘Rise Above Deli’ is now ‘Rise Above Bakery’ In Fairview - Hillman Beer is still open in the same locale! 

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