A Southern Cup

A Southern Cup is a tea house in Hendersonville that is enchanting af. 

Make sure you look for the little sign with the teacup on it when you drive by, they’re easy to miss since they’re set back a little ways off Greenville Hwy. in a 100 year old building. 

Charming, charming, charming. 

There’s plenty of free parking - so don’t stress out about having to parallel or worry about spare change to pay for a spot.

The shop offers splendid loose tea to go, in ridiculously fancy nomz flavors like ‘apple spice’, ‘maple walnut’, ‘spiced rum’ and so many more, that are not only yummy- but very reasonably priced. 

In additional to tea for sale by the bag; they offer English lunch teas (mini sammiches anyone?!) and afternoon light tea that includes tea and scones. 

The Traditional English tea that come with tea sandwiches, and desserts  - is by reservation only (for the light afternoon tea you can just pop on by). Not only does Southern Cup offer vegan options - they’ve got gluten free options as well. 

Make sure you check out the details on the outside of the building before you go in - like the dreamy porch adorned with a teacup chandelier. 

The inside is just as sweet as the exterior; with lots of seating options - one table is cuter than the next, and there are more fancy chandeliers to be seen. 

For my tea I ordered a “Apple spice” green tea. 

While I was sitting and waiting for my tea- I got to enjoy the smell of fresh baking scones and talk to my haunted dolls. Just kidding - I left them at home in the attic where they belong (intricately placed - ready to spook the HVAC guy next time he has to come for a maintenance call). 

On that note; my scones came out from the kitchen hot and fresh on a fancy antique plate, with a side of fresh grapes. 

They included little side dishes of butter, southern curd, and raspberry jam. 

Soon after came the tea pot with the freshly brewed tea. 

My tea was delicious- very flavorful and just the right temperature. The scones were definitely homemade and tasted light and flaky with just the right amount of buttery taste. 

Southern Cup is the perfect place for an indulgent afternoon snack after shopping (I suggest the Blue Ridge Humane Society Thrift Shop right down the road), a full fancy lunch, or even a bridal shower! 

Have you always wanted to feel like a princess? Did your parents never take you to Disney because they were evil soulless monsters? If so - check out Southern Cup, you’ll totally feel like royalty without having to drive all the way to Florida. And, don’t forget to wear your tiara!

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