Asheville Humane Society Pop-Up Cat Cafe

The Pop-Up Cat Cafe is a Pop-Up Cafe held by The Asheville Humane Society where you can hang out with adoptable cats and enjoy some fresh brew.

For a $10 donation I got to hang out with the cats for half an hour and enjoy some super yum coffee, treats and blueberry lemonade provided by Flora

It was held at West Elm in the Asheville Outlet Mall - which is a really cute place for home goods. If I made more money I’d totally go shopping there. For now, I just go shopping at my parents house. And by shopping I mean “borrowing” things without asking, for an unspecified amount of time. When they notice a pillow (or two) goes missing I just blame it on their elderly housekeeper, Jeremy. 

In all seriousness, West Elm did have a 40% off sale going on - and a large selection of really cute candles & candle holders that *were* in my price range. 

They also have pillows, furniture, rugs - and other home goods. 

Flora had some of their Gorgeous plants on display. In addition to the Yum coffee - they provided some very tasty treats such as windmill cookies, breads, mini cinnamon buns, and more. 

There was a section of the store that was gated off, with areas to sit and relax like you’re at a true cafe. 

At first I kept trying to enter through the small door in the gate, but then realized I wouldn’t fit, and that it probably wasn’t the humane society’s intent to have all of the visitors squeeze through a 2ft x 2ft hole - the nice volunteer lady helped me out by informing me that it in fact just swung open. 


The one cat that I hung out with seemed kinda borderline, so naturally we bonded. 

She was super sweet, and performing some highly impressive acrobatics. I didn’t want to break it to her that Cirque De Soliel is a human only circus, so tried to be supportive as possible by taking a ton of pictures and saying “yassss girl, work it!” while she perfected her routine. 

In true cat style, after showcasing her awe inspiring trapeze act, she relaxed on a contemporary shag carpet provided by West Elm and played with her toys. 

Tip; make sure you check out the Humane Society’s website for updates on the next Pop-Up Cat Cafe; word is it will be held at Wedge Studios in the River Arts District. 

I also heard that they have “Tea With Cats”, which I’ll definitely be on the lookout for!

All of the Cats at the Pop-Up Cat Cafe are/were available for adoption, and are featured on their website. 

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