Asheville Sandwich Company

Asheville Sandwich Company is in West Asheville off Haywood Road, a few doors down from Odds Cafe. It's also listed as Temporarily Closed since as of 6.1.24. West Asheville is still there, however. 

They’re open seven days a week, and have a large selection of breakfast options, sandwiches, salads, and nomz sides like fried pickles and fried brussel sprouts. 

They’ve got street parking - so wear your parallel parking pants; or save some extra time to park down the road and go for a nice little stroll, now that the weathers beginning to cool off. 

Check out the menu out front, or on the side of the building where the outdoor seating is. 

Order at the counter and then they’ll bring you your food. 

They’ve got indoor and outdoor dining. 

I decided to sit outside because it was super shady (not like shady in a “I’m going to steal your wallet when your not looking” kinda way- sunless shady). They have quite a few picnic tables to nosh at if you’re with friends, or a cute little bar area where you can sit and make strange faces at people that walk and/or drive by, if you’re alone. Or, if you lean more toward the anti-social side like me, you can always play the "don't look and they won't see you game" and stare at your food the entire time. Really, either one makes for a great dining experience. 

I ordered a Vegan Banh Mi- which was made with tofu and came topped in shoestring fries. The Banh Mi was really difficult to eat at first - so I suggest just dusting most of the fries off top to dip in ketchup and eat in between bites (but leave a few fries on top of the sammich so it still has a really nice crunch), hold your sandwich over the plate, and dig-in. The Banh Mi itself was spicy, yet sweet- and the schricha ranch that it came topped with was to die for. Its suuuuper messy, and spectacular! 

To drink I had a Blood Orange Pelligrino, which went perfect with my sandwich.

They've also got a large selection of soda, tea, and beer on tap.  

The sweet lady working there brought me ketchup and an entire container of napkins, which I definitely needed - I think I used like 12 (at least). 

The patio is nice - but for a second I got spooked because the umbrella over me was making clicking noises. I mistook it for a (shady) human, and hastily I grabbed my purse thinking maybe someone was behind me; when in fact- it was just the umbrella. 

Haunted? Possibly.

Delicious? Most Certainly.

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