White Duck Taco Shop

White Duck Taco Shop has several locations; including three in Asheville (one being in South Asheville), one in Greenville - and various other locations throughout North Carolina. I decided to check out their brand new location which is on the East Bank of the French Broad River in Asheville - in the River Arts District. 

I had been to White Duck Tacos in Greenville for the first time not too long ago (which I really enjoyed) on my last “date of the season”. 

(I only date seasonally because the winter is reserved for “me time”. And by “me time” I mean intermittent mental breakdowns, sleeping for extended periods of time, not shaving my legs, baking exuberantly large batches of Christmas cookies, family dinners - and crying.)

My asshole gps tried to get me lost *again*, but I saw one of their several signs with the hand painted duck on it, and pulled into their very large parking lot. 

Upon arrival; I noticed a really cute beer bus - (which I had initially mistaken for an actual school bus and almost left).

There’s a large outdoor area that’s very dog friendly and right on the river, with colorful-fun potted plants everywhere, a plethora of picnic tables, and a bathroom area that reminds me of something straight out of the movie Jaws - it kind of has a 70’s/mixed with modern, vibe. 

Super cool. 

Luckily there were no hordes of unattended school children, but rather families with well behaved children, several couples/friends groups, and lots of people with doggos. Bonus; there’s tons of water bowls for the puppers everywhere - total score. 

The Inside is really cute too - kinda feels like you’re in a cave (sans all the scary bats) filled with fun/colorful murals and stained glass collages. 

They have a pretty large menu - so I suggest checking it out online before you go; so you don’t get ‘ordering anxiety’, and have a general idea of what you want before you get to the counter. 

I ordered a Duck Taco and a Fish Taco, with a non-alcoholic Frozen Cheerwine to drink, and sat at one of the communal dining tables indoors that happen to be made out of repurposed doors. 

My Frozen Cheerwine (which you can get with or without booze), was like a southern slushie, except all the drink didn’t get stuck in the straw (like a traditional 7-11 slushie does) and cause me unnecessary mental anguish. 

They also have soda, tea, other soft drinks, margaritas, sangrias, $2 tecate shots, beer and wine. 

My Duck Taco was delish with fresh lettuce and nomz cranberries, an interesting (yet yummy) combination. 

The Fish Taco was oh my god sooo good- it came covered in a super yummy sauce that tasted chipotle like and made it a little spicy. 

The tacos themselves are soft - made of corn, and totally delectable (they taste like their straight from a city in Baja). 

White Duck Taco Riverside is open daily from 11:30-9, so definitely check them out for lunch; or on an evening date (I get it; there are some weirdos that *do* actually date in the fall & winter too). 

Tip; beware of the attack duck.

PS; please don’t email me saying “Jennifer - bats aren’t scary, they’re cute, blah blah fucking blah.” Try waking up at 3am to one crawling out from the back of your armoire; and then having it fly past your face, accidentally getting stuck in your hair; it’s absolutely terrifying for both you *and* the bat.

*update: White Duck now has a locale open in Hendersonville! Try their tofu taco, it’s tasty. 

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