Green River BBQ

I decided to check out Green River BBQ because I had to meander down to Saluda to pick up some eye drops at the vet for the puppers. Also - I was having a really crap day at work because some old man in Florida had been trolling on our Facebook page for days on end, and I manage the social media - so I decided to treat myself. 

They’re located not too far from downtown Saluda, which is a cute little place to stroll and check out the shops before or after your meal. 

The inside and outside of the restaurant are both really charming, and theirs lots of places to sit for solo dining or with friends. 

Plus; they’ve also got corn Hole boards ready for a fun Saturday afternoon game! 

I decided to sit out on the (dog friendly) patio since it was a nice night. The people sitting next to me actually had a dog - I wanted to ask if it would be ok to take a picture of him for my blog, but interaction with dogs that don’t belong to me tends to be a slippery slope. It’s starts out with a picture, then a pat on the head, then I usually begin staring at them with Sméagol eyes. And then all of the sudden I’m the “creepy lady at the restaurant sitting next to us that wouldn’t stop talking to our dog”. 

Oh, fyi; they do have an over abundance of dog water bowls - just in case you don’t carry your own like a horrible dog owner (or forgot it). 

To drink, I ordered a lemonade which was sweet and very refreshing and delightful as I’ve been savoring the last days of summer. 

To eat I ordered the Smoked Trout Tacos and Portobello Fries. 

My food came on fun little silver plates- super “rustic country yet modern” and *very* cute.

I got two tacos in my dinner order, and they were just the right amount of smoked and super fresh. 

The portobello fries were delish as well, esp. dipped in the ranch sauce. They were both crunchy on the outside - yet juicy on the inside. A very interesting combination that I thoroughly enjoyed.

I ended up getting a box for my food to go and my server was thoughtful enough to bring lids for the condiments, without me even asking for them. Plus, the service was superb throughout my entire meal. The entire staff definitely went above and beyond. 

Tip; make sure you check out the natural (and local!) honey they’ve got for sale.

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