Hen Dough

Hen Dough is a breakfast and lunch restaurant off Kanuga Road in Hendersonville, famous for their nomz breakfast food and yummy donuts. 

The inside and outside of Hen Dough are equally adorable, with a vibrant color scheme and lots of seating areas. (Including a dog - friendly patio ... yay!) 

I would definitely say their theme is “chickens”. 

They’ve got cute chickens. 

Multi colored chickens. 

Chickens on signs. 

Chickens next to other chickens. 

This chicken - that looks like he’s thinks he’s better than the other chickens. 

And, a white squirrel. 

Order at the counter - check out their yummy, broad selection of donuts while you’re up there - pay - get a number, and they’ll bring you your food. 

I ordered a (free range) Chicken Salad Sandwich and a side of Mac and Cheese (you get one side included with your sammich). I also ordered a Snack- Fried Brussel Sprouts w/Aioli Saice. For dessert; I got a Caramel Espresso Donut. There are Lots of drink options including beers, fountain sodas, sodas in fancy little bottles, and more - I got an Orange Pelligrino. 

Everything came on cute little plates that reminded me of old fashioned camping plates. Very charming. 

The Chicken Salad Sandwich was very hearty - fresh and tasty. The Mac & Cheese was tasty as well - it had a slight sour cream/gouda taste to it- super nomz (the nice people working there said it was smoked gouda and cheddar flavor). 

My Brussel Sprouts had the perfect amount of oil (maybe olive?) on them, and a slight crunch. They were drizzled with aioli, but not overly drenched in a gross way. I love to make roasted brussel sprouts at home, when I’ve been drinking. But, have been pretty busy lately - so this was a nice treat to have them cooked for me! 

The donut was chewy yet crunchy- with a hint of chocolate and espresso. Very gourmet. 

Apparently I was feeling like a ravenous beast the day I went, and ordered lots of food... truth be told, I ended up taking some home and it was all very nosh-able as a leftover too..!  

Tip; if you don’t have time to stay and have a meal - I suggest getting a donut and coffee to go before work, they’re open at 7:30 seven days a week. Make sure you get one for your boss too, so when you’re co worker Sharon rats you out for watching videos of dogs on Facebook all day, you don’t get fired. (It’s called Multitasking, Sharon - google it.)

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