White Labs Kitchen & Tap

White Labs Kitchen & Tap is a restaurant & brewery off Charlotte Street- not too far from downtown Asheville. They serve fermented and regular foods, (including fermented pizza!) and have a large variety of wine, beer, cocktails and fun mocktails.  

Parking is abundant, they’ve got spots right out front, and more along the side of the building. 

There is both indoor and outdoor shaded/non-shaded dining, as well as a large bar - which seems like a nice place to enjoy a classy drink after work. 

Interestingly enough; they’re not only a restaurant and brew pub, but a biology lab - and make yeast for breweries all around the country. Surprisingly, no one greeted me by shouting “It’s Alive..! It’s Alive..!” from behind a misty beaker when I walked in - but, were rather super welcoming and explained the process of what they did at White Labs. 

If you were hoping to see at least one beaker - make sure you check out the cool display case to the left as you walk in. 

To drink, I ordered a House Made Lemonade. (I was torn between that & the house made ginger ale or lime-aide, my nice server said they preferred the lemonade, so I went with that!) The lemonade not only came in a fancy little glass - it was hands down *the best* lemonade I’ve ever had- it was very spritzy with a slight lemon bite to, and it seemed super healthy, no sugar load whatsoever. White Labs definitely has mocktails galore. 

To eat, I ordered a Cheeseburger which came with a side salad, and was made with pasture raised beef. 

My salad was to die for, and very *very* fresh. It was a mixture of lettuces with slices of watermelon radishes - which was awesome and super exciting- since I had been seeing them all over IG. (Th
e watermelon radishes were less bitter than normal radishes and super delish.) It had crouton crumbles (which I had never had before either), that were really tasty- way better than large size croutons & they complimented the salad very well. 

The burger itself tasted fresh too- the brioche bun it came on seemed homemade, and the burger had a yum sweet taste to it, maybe from the sauce?! The greens on the hamburger were very saucy-green  too- dark and leafy and seemed straight from the garden. 

To top off my lovely lunch, my server was kind enough to offer to take a picture for me with my food (after, presumably, he noticed I was taking a picture of literally everything) but sadly I’m a phantom and don’t show up in pictures - so it always just looks like a hamburger is being held up mid air and it’s super strange and awkward. 

Fun tip; They have healthy/natural dog cookies for sale, made from simple ingredients - I got some to take home for the puppers. He absolutely loved them (and he’s a total cookie snob)! I wish I had bought more! On my next visit to White Labs I definitely plan on stocking up.

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