Rosetta's Kitchen

Rosetta’s kitchen is a nomz vegetarian restaurant, with lots of vegan and gluten free options too, in downtown Asheville. 

There is a pay parking lot across the street off Lexington, and also plenty of street parking -  so bring some quarters and spare change for the meter. There are two entrances - one off Lexington, and one off Broadway Street. 

The upstairs is counter service and the downstairs is full service where you have a server. I decided to sit downstairs so I didn’t accidentally fall up the stairs (yes- it’s been done).

I had eaten there before, but it had been a few years since I’d visited, and wanted to go back after I’d seen their “pigs that paint” exhibition featured on their IG. Plus, I wanted to check out their downstairs buchi bar. 

You seat yourself, unless you’re wearing an invisible suit and/or cloak - then you may want to politely notify the server that you’re grabbing a table (and maybe that you’re invisible for the time being so she/he doesn’t think their hearing voices).

I sat at the bar by the window so I could people/puppers watch and make sure my car didn’t get towed after the meter ran out. I always like to put on the ‘crying act’ once the tow truck driver shows up. And, it always works. 

Ok - I’m lying. It never works and the tow truck driver always drives off with my car in tow, shaking their head in disgust. 

Anyway, for seating theres also a large bar in the back and plenty of tables in between. 

To drink I got a non-alcoholic “free spirited spritzer”, called the Garden Tea Party. It sounded super refreshing when I saw it on the menu, and it was! Not only was it adorable with a fancy lemon and lime, it tasted super fresh- very cucumberey and yum, and had just the right amount of spritz to it. 

To eat - I ordered the Tempeh Reuben with the daiya cheese, and upgraded to Sweet Potato Fries with a side of the chipotle ketchup.

The nice server brought me a side of vegan ranch too- which was perfect for my fries! The sp fries were just the right amount of crispy and spicy, super delish and very fresh. The Reuben was very tasty, packed with tempeh and topped with yum sauerkraut. It came on yummy focaccia bread, which I enjoyed. 

Besides the food, the thing that I really like about Rosetta’s Kitchen is that they offer meals on a sliding scale so that people that are in transition can afford a healthy meal too. 

On my next visit I plan on trying the Nachos, they looked super nomz and hearty.

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