Taco Billy

Taco Billy is a yummy taco restaurant in West Asheville that’s open Tuesday-Sunday.

My gps refused to send me to the right location (yet again), but I knew they were right up the block from Hole Doughnuts (a great place to get some dessert after you eat your tacos), so I didn’t have a difficult time finding them. 

I specifically woke up early so I could enjoy one of their breakfast tacos- turns out I didn’t have to unwillingly wake up early on my day off because their breakfast tacos are actually served all day. Great to know if you’ve been partying the night before. (And by parting I mean watching re runs of Stranger Things and going to bed early.) 

The lunch tacos are available starting at 11am and include vegan options! Order at the counter, get a place card - and find a table either inside or out. 

While you’re ordering, make sure you check out the paintings on the wall that have the little “Taco Billy” goat super imposed on them. Not only are they entertaining, they’re absolutely freaking adorable. I’m not sure of the style, possibly goat nouveau

The cute t-shirts for sale with their signature red goat on them are featured on the wall above the pineapple & cantaloupe juice, and hibiscus tea.

They’ve got the newspaper to read on the tables outside open to the Harry Potter highlights section- which I found to be very progressive. I felt like a super smart and classy lady reading about one journalists love for all things Hufflepuff as I enjoyed my hot coffee first thing in the am, and made sure I whispered things like “very interesting, hmmm, enthralling, dow jones” under my breath while people walked by so I *looked* super smart too. 

To eat I ordered a “Bright and Early” taco. My taco came out hot and fresh, and smelled yum. It comes with a little side of green stuff (which isn’t too spicy), and hot sauce is on the table. It delish af- the (organic and free range) eggs paired perfectly with the spinach, and the feta gave it a bit of a kick. I added a dollup of some hot sauce to the taco- which just added to the already nomz flavor. 

I suggest grabbing a fork to eat what ends up falling out of the taco so you don’t have to finish eating with your fingers and then wonder why people are giving you odd looks as they walk by while you’re stuffing food in your mouth and your licking your fingers. 

If perhaps you do forget to grab a fork like I did, and end up eating like a total weirdo; don’t add to the shame by being a dickosaurus and not bussing your own table. Not only would your parents be ashamed; so would Daniel Radcliffe. 

Taco Billy is laid back and everyone is friendly. It’s the Perfect place for a quick bite to eat- or to hang out and try a beer from their large selection of local brews. 

Bonus, Not only was Taco Billy delish, several people walked by with multiple dogs and the house next door had a dog in the yard so it was the perfect set up for a spectacular breakfast with fun filled dog spotting. 

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