The Underground Cafe

The Underground Cafe is a fun cafe in downtown Asheville, that’s also home to DoughP Doughnuts. It has also been renamed to Stay Glazed Donuts and Cafe since this blog was published. 

I’d been stalking them on IG for a while, but was worried I wouldn’t be able to find parking - resulting in a slight mental breakdown where I end up wandering the streets of Asheville for a few days until I eventually find it. 

Turns out there is a nice little public parking lot down the street off Market (across from the fire department) which is super close to the cafe, and pretty inexpensive. 

It’s literally underground! (Surprise surprise!), and they have sweet sweet donuts. 

It smells like doughnuts cooking as you walk up, which is incredibly magical. 

Not only do they have sweet sweet donuts, they’ve got sweet posters lining the walls inside that are total 80’s/90’s pop culture. 

I ordered a Simpsons donut- which is one of their “classics” (meaning they keep them in stock on a pretty regular basis). It had pink frosting, and sprinkles. I was going to sit at the Simpsons table to eat my Simpsons Donut- but there were people sitting at a table nearby and I didn’t want to disturb them with my ghastly, loud chewing. 

Instead, I ended up sitting at a table that had a view of the Tv that had Sabrina The Teenage Witch playing (score!) On the other Tv by the coffee station they had Bob Ross playing (charming!!) 

If you’re not in the mood to watch tv, they’ve also got fun board games to play like “Yahtzee” and “Battleship”. I prefer not to play board games after my brother *falsely* accused me of cheating in monopoly twenty three years ago and threw the board at my head. My life has never been the same after I suffered a severe concussion, got lost in the woods for three months - and was forced to forage and survive on wild berries. 

The underground cafe is a great place to get a quick cup of coffee and donut, or get a full meal - and hang out and watch a movie if your roomie just so happens to get out of work early every day to claim the Tv and watch movies like “my sisters cousins brothers nieces kidnapped my grandma” on lifetime until the wee hours of the night. 

On that note, they’ve got adorbs little Togo boxes if you aren’t innately terrified of your roommate, and would rather finish your donut at home. 

Tip: Check your face before you leave - as you may have clumps of frosting on it like I did.

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