131 Main

131 Main is a classy American food style restaurant in Biltmore Park Town Square, near the movie theatre. There’s plenty of parking at the large (free!!) garage right around the corner, as well as street parking. 

Normally I can’t afford such a classy joint. But, I went to 131 because it was my mother’s birthday - and I knew my parents would be paying. 

Don’t get me wrong and think I’m a complete D; I at least *offered* to pay, then politely & conveniently excused myself to the lavatory right before the bill came - and spent 15 minutes hiding in a stall in the ladies room, scrolling through Instagram and shopping for dog sweaters on Etsy - in hopes someone else would pay the bill. 

When I got back to the table and saw the bill still sitting there, I fished around in my handbag for a few minutes and then pretended like I had left my wallet at home.

Anyway, 131 feels super fancy, yet casual - at the same time. I would call it “contemporary chic”. The ambiance felt Nantucket-ey, yet not pretentious; with nice oil burning lamps everywhere, modern-ish art work, shiplap walls, and comfy large booths. 

There is both indoor and outdoor (pet friendly!) dining. We sat indoors since I left my puppers at home so he could veg and watch North Woods Law on the Animal Planet. 

To drink I ordered a Fresh Squeezed Lemonade; which was delightful and sweet. 

For an entree, that night they had a Mahi Mahi from Florida on special. But, I suspected it may have been running drugs up from Miami - so I ordered the North Carolina Trout with a Side Caesar Salad, instead.

My Cesar salad was adorbs and came with its own little fork. It was loaded with parm, super creamy dressing - and nomz home made corn bread style croutons. 

The trout was very scrumptious and buttery and cooked to perfection. It came with a yum tarter type sauce that had some un-named, (yet tasty) herb in it - perfect for dipping. (Yes, I dip *literally* everything. No, I did not use my hands.) 

The cold rice salad that came on the side was very colorful and packed with walnuts and multicolored cranberries and not only tasted delish - seemed super nutritious and healthy as well. 

My food was so filling I only ate half of it, so decided to take the rest home. At 131 Main they’ll box your leftovers up for you - so you don’t have to awkwardly spill half of your entree all over the table in an attempt to self box, while your entire family watches in disgust. 

Bonus; they even write the date/contents of it on your Togo box! 

131 Main is the perfect place for a meal before the movies, date night - or family celebration extravaganza.

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