Hickory Nut Gap Farm

Hickory Nut Gap Farm is a working farm that surprisingly enough; is not in Hickory. 

It’s in Fairview (take that Hickory), and has a ton of fun activities and a yum lunch restaurant/deli on site featuring sandwiches with pasture raised meats. 

It’s really cute when you drive in; and has two large parking areas. I suggest parking at the large lot on your left that says “parking” (there’s another one up closer to the store, but this ones much larger and lets you check out some of the scenery before lunch. 

Plus; it’s a perfect place for the puppers to get out some energy out before you eat). Unless you and/or your dog gets hangry - then I highly suggest parking close to the store and eating first, before your adventures. 

So, after we parked - the doggo and I walked down to the stream and he splashed around for a bit. 

On the way up to the store and deli (after some light hearted shenanigans) we stopped so Meatloaf could check out the “Party Shed” that (presumably) is available for rentals (considering the large sign on the side of the barn said “Party Shed, Rentals Available”. 

It seemed like a great place for an event because it was covered and shady - and had a built in stage so you can host that hilarious mime performer that no one else in your family thinks is funny; but always hits on your brothers girlfriend. 

Up the hill there’s lots of darling pumpkins for sale out front and scattered around the store - or you can pick your own up at the vast pumpkin patch. 

Turns out - dogs are not allowed in the store itself (totally understandable) - so I suggest brining a friend to hang out with the pups while you order, pick up your food, and paruse the local yummies for sale. 

I had initially gone to HNG with the intent of ordering a pasture raised Chicken Salad Sandwich, but they were all out (which is a good sign because it means they don’t scoop it out of a tub that’s been hiding in the freezer for the past six years). Instead, I ordered a Cuban Sandwich, and a Strawberry Rhubarb Soda to drink. 

The Cuban was made from pasture raised pork and came with a side of nomz chips that tasted homemade and were very crunchy. The sammich itself was delish and filled with fresh tasting pork, pickles, and yummy cheese (the traditional Cuban stuff). The (also homemade tasting) mustard gave it a nice kick. To top it off - the bread it came on was crunchy and grilled to perfection. 

My Strawberry Rhubard Soda from Waynesville Soda Jerks was extremely yum, not too sweet - and had the just the right amount of Strawberry, as well as Rhubarb flavor. 

If you do decide to order something sweet to drink- I suggest not sitting by the “Bee Observatory”. A highly intrusive bee kept landing on my soda; and hanging out on the bottle like he owned the place. (Ok; I’m not gonna lie - it was pretty charming.) 

Our favorite part of lunch (and the farm in general) was the adorbs Farm Dog that kept coming over to our table and brining Meatloaf sticks, which was completely adorable and very smooth. (I usually introduce myself to people I like by not making eye contact and mumbling something awkward under my breath as I trip on the ground, while walking right past them.) 

PS; he has has a total crush on her now. 

Anyway, after a fun lunch - lastly, we checked out the mini corn maze to make sure there wasn’t a miniaturized Jack Nicholson hiding in there. (The coast was clear, just FYI; but there was a very pretty sky in the background to be seen.) 

Before we left Meatloaf & I took a much needed zen moment on the small bridge over the stream... staring out into the vast unknown; and pondered the meaning of life. 

Ok - to be fair; he was gazing and I was shouting at him to pose on his ‘good side’, while passersbys shot seething glances in my direction as I screamed “to the left Meatloaf  - more to the left - that’s your better side! We need more light!!” 

On that note - for all of you that have been following me (us) for a while, I’m proud to announce Meatloaf has been invited to walk in Paris Fashion Week next year. 

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