Jerusalem Garden Cafe

Jerusalem Garden Cafe is a Mediterranean and Middle Eastern style cafe off Patton Ave. in downtown Asheville.

The street parking out front seemed to be in pretty high demand - however; there is more  street parking up the road right off Church - or a pay parking lot right there on the corner of Church and Patton. Kinda nice because it gives you a good excuse to take a stroll by the little park on the other side of the street - and check out the neat sculptures and greenery. 

They’ve got limited outdoor dining; but plenty of tables inside with little poofy seats and neat gold tables. The ambiance is very cool with all of the fun lighting fixtures, pillows galore and relaxing music playing

There’s also another room toward the back that has semi-floor seating. 

I sat on the comfy bench area toward the front of the restaurant, which was nice because I was able to see outside and people watch, but still be in the cool & shade. 

My server was very friendly and came right to my table immediately to take my order of Hot Moroccan Mint Tea, which came in a cute little cup and was very yum. 

Not only do they have a large assortment of hot and iced teas, they have cocktails with fun names like “Cleopatra's Kiss” (which looked both super cute and yummy). 

For lunch, I ordered the “Pistachio Lamb Chops”, as well as the “Falafel” Tapa.

The Pistachio Lamb Chops came with a really lovely presentation- two lamb chops, and a side of hummus and nann to dip. The Lamb Chops were cooked to perfection and had a very interesting spice combination; highly tender and juicy, with a distinct pistachio flavor. 

The Falafels were crunchy and spicy and hot fresh from the kitchen, really tasty dipped in the tzaziiki sauce. 

Heads up; they have grass fed burgers as well as a brunch with bacon and sausage straight from Hickory Nut Gap Farm. 

One of my favorite parts of my lunch at Jerusalem Cafe is that there was (surprisingly) several other solo diners - on their laptops, reading the newspaper; or just hanging out and eating. 

Also - fyi; they do have belly dancers (and live music!) every Friday & Saturday night starting at 7pm - which I heard through the grapevine is really cool. I (unfortunately) have some residual PTSD from the last time I went to a meal with live entertainment - my uncle from up north was visiting, drank way too much Bordeaux at dinner and starting shouting that he was “the real f*#%ing showgirl” at the waitstaff - until the sheriff’s department showed up and escorted him out. (I’m happy to report he has since received help, is doing quite well - and moonlights in an off broadway production.)

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