Haywood Common

Haywood Common is an American style farm to table restaurant off Haywood Road in West Asheville, that specializes in fresh lunches, dinners, and small plates - utilizing local ingredients. 

They’ve got a large parking lot on the side of the building, with lots of spots - so parking is simple.  

Make sure you check out the neat “Asheville” themed mural on the side of the building on your way in, after parking. (It’s pretty hard to miss - tbh). Definitely a great mural to be seen, that’s both unique and pretty at the same time. 

There’s indoor, and outdoor (bar style) seating - which is superb for people/puppers watching. 

Before you take a seat - make sure you check out the fun Alice In Wonderland - esque style lobby, it’s whimsical, yet refined - and super cute! 

The interior is abso - freaking - lutely adorable, kinda old fashioned melded with modern; featuring an ah -mazing bar that offers wine, beer, cocktails, and a large selection of mocktails. 

When I went it happened to be Happy Hour; which is very cool. 

Sadly - I had plans to go grocery shopping after my lunch (the last time I drank before going to the grocery store the manager of the store found me curled up napping in the popcorn section clutching a half eaten bag of Oreos, and invited me to never come back). 

So; I settled on a non-alcoholic “Devils Foot” Sparkling Lemonade; which just so happens is made right here in Asheville (yay!!) with all natural ingredients such as filtered water, organic lemon juice, organic cane sugar, and regional honey. Very yum. 

To eat; they have a broad menu including salads, sandwiches, small plates as well as full larger meals. 

Toward the back of the restaurant; there is a (very lengthy) list of the local places where they get their meats, produce, and such. So you don’t have to bother your server with silly questions like; What farm does the chicken come from? What local bakeries do you partner with? What’s your favorite film in the Twilight Saga? 

Actually, the last question is totally legitimate - and I ask everyone that. 

Anyway, I had scoped out their menu online before I went; and had been eyeing the Chicken Kale Salad, so ordered that. 

The salad was made with local, pasture raised chicken, from Joyce Farm - and came in a charming little bowl. It smelled SO yum and was absolutely delish. It was SUPER fresh, and came loaded with large cornbread croutons, hefty slices of nomz gourmet style parmesan, and a size-able piece of grilled chicken. My meal was simultaneously light - yet filling (a hard combo to pull off - compliments to the chef), and I could only eat half of it - so ended up getting a to go box and taking it home; which made for a very tasty dinner as well - therefore, I got two hearty meals out of it! 

Haywood Common was a perfect spot for a healthy, delicious lunch - so they’re definitely on my radar to go back and have a cocktail some evening - paired with some of their small plates. Although it’s hard to imagine it getting any better; I feel like the ambiance could be even (more) enchanting under the edison lamps once the sun goes down!

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