Fidelia's is a comfort food cafe in Horse Shoe. They’re right off Hwy 64 (Brevard Road) and serve breakfast all day. 

Seat yourself, and make sure to check out all the cute local paintings for sale - like this adorable dog one, 

and this very serious (yet also adorable) looking one of a bald eagle. 

Plus - don’t overlook the mini white squirrel exhibition in the lobby, and white squirrel post cards for sale with pictures of white squirrels eating corn on them. 

Corn I say, corn. 

There is a gift shop next door, which was closed when I went - but looks super cute. However, for appointments you can call Susan at 867-5309. 

Ok; that’s not really Susan’s number to call for appointments, the real number is posted on the sign on the door if you’re interested in shopping for antiques. 

Although I went to Fidelias specifically for breakfast - they also have hamburgers, salads, and sandwiches (including a vegan black bean burger)! 

I ordered a “Garden Omelet” that was made with three eggs, spinach, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, peppers and your choice of cheese. My server said that a lot of customers get it with Swiss or Feta; so I tried it with the Swiss. My omelette was stuffed to the brim with veggies and super tasty. 

I also subbed the “County Apple Pancakes”, like a total pain in the ass - (the omelettes usually come with home fries or grits, and a biscuit or toast). The pancake itself was super savory - very fluffy and moist with a delish apple flavor, and quite large for a solitary pancake. And, it even had fresh apple slices baked in on top... fancy! 

Bonus; They’re open seven days a week - so get your breakfast on any day, any time (between the hours of 7am and 8pm, and 7-3 on Sundays.) 

PS; They have really cute butter patties, so I stuck some in my purse for later. 

Just kidding- that’s thievery and I did no such thing. Plus, the last time I put 8 mini patties of butter in my handbag it turned out to be a huge mess; they all melted - and people kept asking me why I smelled like dairy, for like two weeks.

*Fidelia’s has since closed since the publishing of this blog 

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