Double D's Coffee And Desserts

Double D’s Coffee and Desserts is a coffee shop/cafe off Biltmore Avenue in downtown Asheville. 

I had been wanting to go check them out for a while because I’d been following them on IG for like forever - and really wanted to see all their spooktacular Halloween decorations in person. 

Halloween is my second favorite Holiday; it’s the only time I can really be my ghastly self and don’t have to disguise myself as a “normal” human being. (The rest of the year I have to cake on a crap ton of rouge everyday and it takes *freaking* forever to do my makeup so I don’t look like an overtly pale phatom. *sigh*)

My first favorite holiday is Christmas because it’s always SO much fun dressing Meatloaf (my dog) up like an Elf for our annual Holiday greeting card. 

I suggest parking at the Biltmore Avenue Parking garage (at Aloft Hotel) when you visit Double D’s; it’s right off Biltmore Ave - and the first hour is free!

Don’t forget to bring cash to pay for your coffee, like I did (they don’t accept cards, checks, money order, roubles, pesos, crayola drawings of debit cards - none of that). But, if you do (forget cash) there is ATM right next door at Pure Vida - which is a super cute boutique with a *ton* of socks (yes- even ones with avocados on them)! There’s also an ATM at aloft in case Pure Vidas’ is down.

To order your coffee, tea, latte Italian soda, etc. - you’ll actually want to go inside the bus, up to the first floor and to the right; order with the super nice baristas at the counter.

I got the “Nightbus Latte” which tasted just like ButterBeer it was soooo delish! 

After you get your drink and snack (they have quite a large case with lots of cookies and pastries to snack on) - make sure you meander up to the second level and take some pics. It totally reminded me of Harry Potter - I most definitely felt like I was on The Knight Bus.  

Also - Double D’s has a ton of outdoor seating in case you’re slightly claustrophobic. 

I ended up sitting outdoors myself - which is a great place to hang out and be in the hustle and bustle of downtown. 

For I second I almost thought I was going to fall down the stairs of the bus and die on my way out to the patio because I’m extremely clumsy (but then I remembered I’m a ghost and can’t die... lolz). 

I can, however, sprain an ankle (which is never fun - and then I miss my morning Western North Carolina nature hikes); so I was still very careful. 

All in all - they had lots of spooky Halloween decorations! Including a mini Dracula - cats, mini ghosts, giant spiders, and much more. Plus; the street lamps made it extra spooky and Harry Potteresque. 

On my way back to my car I ran into this cutie that’s up for adoption with Charlie’s Angels Animal Rescue -

Turns out Charlie’s Angels was throwing a howloween party/dog costume contest at Aloft that looked super fun - I didn’t attend (Meatloaf would have had my head if he found out I went to a dog party with out him.) But, made sure I got some yum cookies and treats from their bake sale to take home to the fam. 

Double D’s Coffee & Desserts is the perfect place for a solo date (everyone was so super welcoming and friendly), or a great place to meet up with a friend for a coffee date since their open until 9 during the week and 10 on the weekends! 

Even though Halloween is soon to be over - i’d imagine the coffee shop is even more spectacular and enchanting in the winter; since you feel like you’ve been dropped into a mini London the second you step inside the gate. Bring your book; order a Hot Chocolate or Nightbus Latte and have a Harry Potter themed evening! 

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