Bold Rock Hard Cider

Bold Rock is a *highly* pet friendly hard cider brewery off School House Road in Mills River, set back in a rural, picturesque setting - with food, ciders, and plenty of entertainment

If you feel like you’re driving out into the boonies, you totally are - but, don’t fret; the large cornfields you’ll see on the way in would suggest that there may be some demonic children from the Midwest hiding out, ready to attack - but in reality -  it’s *actually* totally safe. (I checked it out and verified for myself.) 

Mills River is traditionally a farming town, which allows for great views of old silos and gorgeous sunsets - if you decide to sit outdoors while you’re enjoying your cider and munchies, you can do so in peace - without the threat of a looming attack from psychotic children that have migrated south from Nebraska circa 1984. 

Or; if you and/or the puppers get chilly (and/or spooked easily) you can sit indoors (yes - the interior is pet friendly too!). 

I suggest ordering your grub first (before going inside) at Bold Rocks in-house Feed Trailer. 

Don’t be fooled by the name; it’s not a trailer toting livestock feed - but rather a food truck with some very nice peeps slangin fried ravioli, burgers & sandwiches, BBQ plates, some very yum sides such as sweet potato tater tots & desserts like pie. They’ll give you a buzzer; so after you order your food you can make your way inside & order your cider at the bar, or choose from a large selection of non alcoholic sodas in the cooler - while you wait for your food to cook. 

Dogs (and children) are not allowed upstairs, so we stuck to the main floor; Meatloaf tried to make a run for it up to the second floor balcony - but I was able to coax him back by offering him a (complimentary) cup of water from the water station. 

If you’re not in the mood for a hot meal; they’ve got a fairly large snack station with chips; popcorn, pretzels and such for sale. 

I was pretty hungry because I had been slaving away like a pauper at my 9-5; so I ordered some hot food from the food truck. 

To eat; I had a Chicken Griled Cheese, and two sides of Chicken Wings (it was Wing Wednesday) to split with Meatloaf. 

The grilled cheese was made with pimento cheese and chicken slices on a thick Texas style toast, and drizzled with a sweet sauce. The chicken wings I ordered came in two flavors; Garlic  & Teriyaki- with ranch sauce on the side (they have blue cheese sauce to choose from also). The chicken wings were very tasty and delightfully messy; I definitely suggest getting a ton of extra napkins. 

To drink, I had an Old Fashioned Root Beer from Oskar Blues. 

If you’re not driving, I definitely suggest trying one of their many ciders on tap in fun flavors such as “Carolina Apple”, “Pear” and many more - available in pints, 1/2 pints, flights and growlers. Or (even better idea), purchase one of their “drink tanks” and get some cider to go; cozy up by the fireplace at home and enjoy your leftover chicken wings with the pup! 

Oh; and if you’re not a reclusive ghoul like me - and would prefer the company of others; Bold Rock has fire pits too where you can socialize! 

Overall -  Bold Rock is a great place to bring the doggo; they’re uber pet friendly. Meatloaf  (and I) both had a blast! And, (just FYI); before I gave him some chicken, I was *very* careful to make sure there wasn’t any bones in his pieces - and he only got the Teriyaki flavor (dogs don’t fare well with Garlic)! Remember; I’m simply a misunderstood phantom that really enjoys writing food reviews, not a  monster. 

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