Farm Burger

Farm Burger is a lunch and dinner burger joint that offers grass fed burgers, from humanly/pasture raised cows, as well as pork, chicken and vegan options. You can choose from either a “create your own burger” or prix fixe options. Also - The menu is a la carte; so you can add yummy sides like fries or sweet potato hush puppies to your entree like I did. 

They’ve got two locations in Asheville - and various others across the country.

I decided to check out the one in South Asheville because it’s a little closer to my house than the Asheville local -  and I knew for sure there was lots of parking since I’m a regular at the Pappa John’s that just so happens to be next door. 

There is both indoor and (pet friendly) outdoor seating. If you have a pet cow; I’d probably suggest not bringing them; that could be a little upsetting and/or traumatizing for Clarabelle. 

The night I went to Farm-burger it was “Spirit Night”. I wasn’t really sure what Spirit Night was when I pulled into a spot and saw the little sign advertising it. I was expecting either a lot of high school/middle school aged girls with cheer bows in their hair shouting “go team go”; or discounted shots of Jack Daniels and Baileys Irish Cream. 

“What kind of spirit(s) do you they mean?!” I thought to myself as I sat in my car with an anxiety beginning to pulse through my veins -attributed to the thought of the looming unknown. I almost drove off in a fit of self induced confusion and terror - but decided if it was a giant pep rally or odd Tuesday night happy hour I could just get my burger to go and eat at home in peace. 

Turns out; it was a fundraiser for women’s breast and gynecological cancer; which was pretty cool (and a huge relief). Some of the proceeds from each meal purchased went to their cause; so I decided to stay and have my dinner in house. 

I ordered up at the counter; grabbed my lucky number 13 place card and Mandarin Soda and sat at one of the tables along the far wall. 

So, not only do they have lots types of tables to sit at indoors and out; they also have a bar you can sit at and enjoy a beer from their pretty broad selection of local brews & wine. 

The Sweet Potato Hush Puppies that I got came out first; and pretty quick after I had placed my order. They were very unique tasting. Kinda like a yum mini donut paired with a super sweet sauce on the side. They had a thicker/richer consistency than your traditional hush puppies, and were extremely nomz. 

My Burger came out soon after; in a cute little basket and topped with rather tasty pickles and fresh lettuce. The burger itself was cooked to perfection (or not cooked; I should say - I ordered it as rare as possible), and tasted great. 

By the time I ate my burger I couldn’t even touch my side of Kale Cole Slaw - I was so full; so I got a little to go box (they keep them up at the end of the bar) and took it to work the next day with a couple of my leftover hush puppies. 

I think my favorite part of Farm Burger is the paper towel holders at each table intended for napkins; that brought back fond memories from when I used to like to hold dinner parties with uber fancy dish-wear, crystal glasses and gourmet food. Once my guests were seated and ready to eat I would exclaim “oh my gosh, I almost forgot the napkins... silly me!” disappearing into the kitchen only to re appear with a large roll of bounty paper towels; where I would then go around the table and intricately fold a single sheet into a tiny square handing one small folded paper towel to each guest saying “oh... I just adore paper towels, don’t you? I hope you don’t mind.” while they all gave me perplexed looks.

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