Mountain Juicery

Mountain Juicery is a juice bar/smoothie shop with two locations; one in Asheville & one in Hendersonville. 

I was on my way to therapy to talk about all those weird dreams I’ve been having lately about people wearing giant banana suits chasing me, so decided to check out the one on Hendersonville Road in Asheville. (My therapist is downtown.) 

They’re the perfect place for breakfast, a healthy lunch, or a mid afternoon pick me up. The Mountain Juiceries are also a great place to stock up for a juice cleanse. 

The Asheville local is right off Hendersonville Rd. in a large shopping plaza - so there’s a ton of free (Yay!!) parking. 

It’s really cute on the inside, with bar seating, and rocking chair style seating for (very tiny) children - plus cute plants everywhere. 

The people working there were all super nice - and extremely helpful when it came to deciding on what to order out of the large selection of smoothies, juices, and elixirs and smoothie bowls. 

Oh, just fyi; they also have pre-packaged juices and protein bites in yum flavors like ‘chocolate chip’ and ‘brownie’; which are great to grab and go. 

I decided on a ‘Chocolate Cherry Protein One’ Smoothie,  which was delish - and (not surprisingly) had bananas in it. It also had nomz chewy chunks of fresh cherries which made it extra tasty. And, even though it was suuuper healthy - it tasted indulgent as well. It was very thick, creamy - and not gross sugar sweet, with just the right fruit/chocolate flavor combo. 

Something also *very cool* about Mountain Juicery is that they use ingredients from local farmers. 

Also; I feel like the best part of my visit was that no one judged me when the girl behind the counter said “banana” and I got the thousand yard stare for like three minutes and forgot (a couple times) what I was going to order.

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