Biscuit Head

Biscuit Head is a breakfast, lunch (and brunch!!) restaurant with several locations in Asheville, one in Greenville, and another (soon to be open local) in South Asheville. 

I decided to check out the West Asheville spot off Haywood Road - which isn’t *too* far off the freeway. 

They’ve got street parking, or if you pull in off Dunwell - there’s a lot in the back of the restaurant you can park at, and Biscuit Head will validate parking (make sure you do so right after you park, to avoid a ticket.) 

There’s both indoor and outdoor seating (weather permitting). The day I went it was chilly - so everyone was pretty much sitting inside. Or; they’re all just concerned that some unbeknownst (and very odd) ghoul is haunting the porch and ruining all their pictures with ghastly annoying orbs - like this a-hole Spirit that photo bombed mine. 

Oh wait... wait a second - it’s probably just me. (I always forget I’m a Phantom. Duh. Nvm.) 

Well whatever- it’s cold out now; so sit indoors anyways. Also; it gives you an opportunity to check out the (too incredibly cute) cat theme inside Biscuit Head. 

There were pictures of cats wearing earmuffs. 

Other cats wearing tuxedos (that I imagined were very business savvy). 

A super cute “Dia de los Muertos” cat by the register. 

And then this cat; that looked like it may have eaten too much catnip; and should probably lie down for a cat nap and sleep it off.


They’ve got lots of biscuits to eat, a zillion types of gravy (including a gravy flight... what?!!) so many scrumptious sides, as well as a larger dishes such as a fried green tomatoes with biscuits and brie - if you’re on the hungrier side. Also (very cool) they’ve got vegan biscuits, and a super fun “Jam Bar” which is incredibly neat - yet; also a disaster waiting to happen if you’re a clumsy @$$hole like I am. I decided it would be best to take a picture from afar before I knocked over all nine glass jars with my handbag and then simultaneously fell into the entire set up; therefore knocking over the additional 13 jars of jam on the top; and then looked around for an unsuspecting toddler to blame it on.

Order at the counter (by the Dia de Los Muertos kitty) and sit where you’d like, they’ll give you a cute cat themed placecard holder and deliver your food once it’s ready. 

My place card holder had a picture of a cat on it  that looked like it had spent a few good years at Hogwarts. 

After you order - make sure to check out the abundance of adorbs merch for sale including marmalade’s, butters, and jams in fun nomz flavors like “peach rosemary”. Plus, they’ve got (totally purchase worthy) mugs, shirts, stickers - and even a Biscuit Head brand cook book. 

To drink; I had fresh squeezed bat juice. 

Just kidding; that’s simply a cute jar that they’ve housed their Splenda packets in. 

I actually had a Small Orange Juice that came in a fancy little mocktail style tumbler. The juice itself was uber fresh, it actually kinda tasted like clementine juice it was so delicious and sweet. No doubt - the freshest oj I’ve had in a long time. 

To eat; I ordered an Asheville Eggs Benedict sans peppers. The presentation was pretty fancy pants - garnished with sliced radishes - the Eggs Benedict came on a super yum biscuit, slathered with a very delish montchevre style spread, layered with a juicy tomato, eggs that were poached to perfection - and drizzled with a scrumptious (not too spicy) chipotle- esque holandaise sauce, then topped with fresh spinach. The biscuit itself was crunchy on the outside yet soft on the inside - extremely tasty. I’d definitely call it a ‘modern eggs benny’.

Biscuit head is the perfect place for lunch with the moms, brunch with the gals/guys, or simply a place to enjoy a solo meal. Plus; with all the cat stuff; they’re sure to ward off any *evil* spirits. Just in case you’re wondering; I was OK (I’m highly benevolent, as much as my ex boyfriend would disagree). 

PS; the patio is (presumably) pup friendly; I spotted a dog bowl.

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