Fractals Coffee Shop and Cafe

Fractals Coffee Shop and Cafe is a fun little coffee shop and cafe in West Asheville, not too far from the freeway. They have a parking lot, but if your an stupidiot like me you can make a horrible attempt at parallel parking in a spot way down the street while passerby’s look at you in disgust, awe, and curiosity. (The awe and curiosity arise when people begin to wonder when, how, and why I was ever given permission by the state to drive.) 

Anyway, don’t get distracted by the giraffe sculpture 

and cute sign out front, 

and then ignore the other signs and attempt to go in the side door (the wrong door), like me; and then be forced to speak in an Irish accent when you order your coffee and pretend you don’t speak English so you don’t look like a *complete* jackass. 

The menu is broad, and there are three; don’t ask the nice lady working there where they are; just look around; I promise you’ll see them. 

I ordered an Americano (even though I was feeling very Irish). My americano was good (nice and hot), and came in a cute little mug. 

It complimented my lemon poppyseed cake perfectly. The lemon poppyseed cake itself was fresh and tasted homemade, plus it had a perfect drizzle of frosting on it, was packed with poppy seeds and had just the right amount of lemon flavor. 

The music inside was super chill, so you can cozy up on the couch and get some work done if you need to. 

They had a separate room off the main room, through another little room that housed some cute merch like neat little Nikola Tesla votive candles. 

I managed to awkwardly walk in to the middle of what appeared to be a meeting in the more private room and then just stood there and gawked at the group like a total goobersmooch. Upside; no one told me to leave. Downside; I had to hide in this old fashioned telephone booth until the meeting commenced and all of those people left, because I was so utterly embarrassed. 

Tip: There are plenty of places to sit inside; but check out their neat patio with the life size chess board.

*Note: Fractals has since closed since the publishing of this blog. 

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