Early Girl Eatery

Early girl eatery is a charmingly quirky cafe in the heart of downtown Asheville right off Wall Street, nestled in between some adorbs little shops. 

I was really in the mood for a southern style breakfast - and saw that they served it all day so decided to give Early Girl Eatery a try. 

There is parking all along Wall Street- but I suggest making your life easier and parking in the garage (the entrance is off Otis Street), it’s super cheap and you can go for a cute little stroll down Wall Street and check out the other storefronts adjacent. 

The inside of the cafe is really cute; the windows are painted an adorable bright blue so it will put a little spring in your step. 

Not only does Early Girl Eatery have breakfast food; they also have a large selection of other Southern delicacies and salads. Best of all; they’ve got traditional southern dishes vegan style or with free range chicken and hormone free beef from #local farms. 

I started with a coffee, which was yum and came in a cute cup with an adorable little carafe creamer thing. The coffee itself was not too strong, but just strong enough- a perfect basic cup of joe. 

The sugar for the coffee is that brown fancy kind- no cheap white crap there.

For my lunch entree I decided to order some real comfort food (the southern breakfast), since I was in dire need of comfort. My meal came with eggs my way (I got scrambled with cheese), grits (you can have Home fries instead, and a biscuit and gravy (or sub toast). I got the herb cream (my server suggested it). My grits has a slight amount of spice to them, and were superb. My herb gravy for the biscuit was so delish, it tasted gourmet. The biscuit itself tasted homemade. 

My eggs were nomz too; but I couldn’t finish them so my nice server gave me a to go box. 

The only thing that was a little off putting about Early Girl Eatery is that I felt like the girl on the sugar jar was giving me dirty looks. 

Otherwise; Everyone working there was super friendly and all smiles. 

Tip; the door that leads out of the bathroom is actually a supply closet- hence labeled “supply closet”, as hard as you try to open it- it will in fact not open and you will momentarily think you’re locked in the bathroom.

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